Bodhran, the Best Percussion Music Instrument?

Percussion instruments have been in the history of music for the longest time. At their very early stages they were utilized for other purposes than music as well, such as, scaring of attacking animals or sounding war horns. However they are widely thought to be the very first music instrument ever created. The father of all percussion instruments was the drum and it has played a considerable role in the history of music. Over the years the drum has been adopted and even re-invented in various parts of the world with players of it adopting different ways of playing it and making both subtle and very observable changes to its shape and dimensions. Everyone is aware of the big two faced cylindrical drum regardless of where in the world they might be living. That one used couple of beating sticks, one for each side and the music produced is very full of bass and punch and can be very loud. Another famous variation of it was the fixed huge sized one with only the one side. This one is beaten with two quite heavy and big beating sticks that are wrapped in tight cloth at the top side in order to make the music output more full of punch. This one was more commonly used for sounding attack alerts in the old times. Since the dawn of music, the drum has been involved in many ways. Many versions of it were incorporated to be played in various tunes and melodies. In the Irish history the Irish Bodhran has been the most well-known variety of it. The Bodhran has been made famous all over the world because of the several advantages it offers and the global reach of music and instruments at the same time.


The Bodhran is a single sided lightweight drum with a circular frame that is not too bulky or heavy and a thin membrane is tied across it to cover the hollow inside of the frame. The membrane is responsible for the music output and is beaten with small light sticks with different levels of force and sometimes even with bare hands of the player. The other side of the Irish Bodhran is hollow that makes it particularly lightweight and easy to play.

Compact and Portable

The lightweight and very manageable size of the Irish Bodhran enable it to be very compact and portable. The diameter of the circular ring is usually between 14 to 18 inches depending on the choice and preferences of the music lovers, this compactness in size is further helped by sellers providing tightly fitting carry bags for them. The lightweight bags enable them to be carried at any location and played whenever needed even sometimes in rooms and also public places like train stations or town centers. It is not unusual to witness someone playing the Bodhran and a group of people enjoying the music at common public places.

Ready Availability

In the past special items like music instruments might have been hard to acquire because of very limited number of sellers in the market and music not being such a big phenomenon as it is now. But with the spread of music and boosted interest of the music lovers in instruments has prompted many sellers of music instruments to offer instruments including the Irish Bodhran for Sale, this increased competition has had good effects on the prices of them as well and these days anyone can Buy Bodhran Online as well with numerous sellers setting up online shops. Online selling comes at even lower prices because of global intense competition. However when looking for Irish Bodhran for Sale, their quality has to be checked in terms of reputation of the seller and customer reviews as there are some faulty ones as well present on the internet. In case you want to make sure of the quality yourself, there are many music stores open in the town centers as well as high streets from which anyone can easily acquire an Irish Bodhran.

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