Daniel John Gregory: Bio, Net Worth, Family & Career

In 1963, in the lap of Gregory family a little beautiful baby was come. The little baby boy is now your favorite Business Tycoon, Daniel John Gregory. His motherland was Upper Montclair in New Jersey. Whatever, the most demanding question is about Daniel John Gregory net worth. The main source of net worth is john’s incorporation. In this article you will be given the details of Daniel John Gregory’s personal information, family, education, career and obviously his net worth. So let’s continue.

Personal Information

  • The real name is Daniel John Gregory.
  • The nick name is given attention to Daniel.
  • Daniel John’s height is 5 feet 8 inches.
  • The weight of Daniel John is approximately 66 kg.
  • The estimated body measurements are 44/32/38.
  • Now Daniel is 58 years old.
  • The color of daniel’s eyes is dark brown.
  • The color of his hair is brown.
  • He naturally uses shoes of 7.5 US in size.
  • Daniel’s zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Daniel John’s belong to American.
  • And Daniel’s religion is Christianity.
  • Daniel John Gregory net worth is imprecise $2 m (USD).
  • Daniel is a family loving person.

Family Background Of Daniel

In New Jersey, Daniel was reared by well-educated and wealthy parents. His father name is Edward R. Gregory and his mother name is Cecelia Dohen Gregory. Daniel’s father established the Gregory Packaging Incorporation in New Jersey. And he was the president of this company. His mother was equally impressive as she was a renowned pianist. Cecelia was the student of English and she completed her Bachelor’s degree. Her college was Kean College, New Jersey. She always gave priority to music, theatre and all. And she was the biggest fan of Shakespeare Theatre. Not only that, she was also a philanthropist. She committed several generous works retaining as a philanthropist. From these it is guessed that the family background is much stronger. And to Daniel, it is still more valuable than Daniel John Gregory net worth.

Education Of Daniel

As he was brought up in New Jersey, so the basic schooling was done in New Jersey. Next, daniel john stepped into Father Judge High School. In his school life he was a great lover of sports. Daniel participated in various sports like soccer, hockey etc. After completing his school life, Daniel entered in Villanova University and studied business management.

Career of Daniel

You may think that he easily established his career as because he had a big family business. But the truth behind is fully different. As a heir of Gregory Packaging Incorporation, he bestowed his 100% effort to raise the company on the top. He was able to promote his business from New Jersey to Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona etc. States. They had numerous packaging center and warehouses all over the states. Even this company became the originator of SunCup products. SunCup was mainly famous for its juices. The juices were got in various flavors like Apple, berries etc. For his hard work Daniel becomes the Vice President of Gregory Packaging Incorporation. He himself is the creator of the vast Daniel John Gregory net worth.

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