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Day Trip To Haunted Village In Bhangarh From Jaipur

Planning a trip to the capital of Rajasthan for a few days? Wondering what exciting things you can try out while you are here?

Needless to say Jaipur has its own fair share of various tourist attractions. After you are done covering all the important sightseeing destinations within the city, you can book a car from one of jaipur heritage hotels where you will be staying and head out to Bhangarh!

Where is Bhangarh?
Bhangarh is located about 87kms away from Jaipur. It is a distance that you can cover easily by car and it will take you around 2 hours or so if you go via the Alwar-Jaipur Road. You can plan around day trip to this place. Head out early in the morning, latest by 8 or 9 so that you can reach the place by 11. It is crucial that you leave the place latest by 5 in evening since nobody is allowed to stay here after dark, and you will know why the moment you set foot inside the remains of the fort.

The legend of Bhangarh village

Bhangarh has a rather interesting story to tell. The village that you will currently see over here is a new one that has been built a little away from the dilapidated Bhangarh Fort. The main life of the old village was this fort, but various stories of it being haunted and some killings in the area had forced the villagers to move out and establish a new settlement nearby.

The Bhangarh Fort was constructed under the order of Man Singh I and he gifted it to Madho Singh I, who was his grandson. His grandson as an act of remembrance named the fort after his grandfather who was also known as Bhan Singh. His became one happy little settlement but after many years due to some occurrences this fort was robbed off all its glory. When you visit this fort today, you will see that the remains have an eerie feel to them and there are genuinely areas within the fort where you will fear to tread.

The most popular legend says that the princess of Bhangarh was very beautiful and once a wizard named Sindhiya fell in love with her, who was known as Ratnavati. He brewed a love potion for her and asked her to drink it since it would result in attraction towards him. The princess sensing the trick took it but threw it at a boulder which came rolling down and crushed the wizard to death but not before he cursed the fate of the fort. Soon after it was attacked by the Mughals and around 10,000 lives were massacred!

Since then the fort has remained haunted and not to mention un inhabited. Today, when you walk amongst the ruins of this great fort, you will feel chills running down your spine thanks to the really spooky atmosphere that envelopes this entire structure. The legends surrounding the fort, make this place paying a visit! So, when you plan a trip for Jaipur and make booking for one of the jaipur luxury heritage hotels to stay, make sure to keep 1 day for Bhangarh in your itinerary list.

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