Decorate your home with Natural rugs

Manufacturing rugs is an age old tradition that dates back to our earliest civilizations. Interestingly, most of the rugs created by nomads were sourced from animal skin. However, as nomads began settling down into various region of Middle East, and gave vent to animal husbandry, agriculture and farming and they sought access to wool, silk and other natural fibres that can be woven into sturdy clothing, fishing nets and even rugs for their homes.

Knitting of rugs is a true art form that dates back to the 5th century B.C. The fact is backed by evidence found in a burial chamber in the Pazyryk valley of Siberia located near the outer Mongolian border. The rug found in the place was hardly tattered and in remarkably good condition which is stark contrast to the fact that it was over 2500 years old. Even the holy bible indicates rugs amongst the artefacts in Solomon’s empire. To put it in a nutshell, rug weaving is an ancient tradition that holds its roots in the past and continues to be indispensable part of life in modern world.



In the present context, beautiful and colourful rugs carved of world class techniques could be found in every common household. However, with changing times, the technique and sources have evolved to suit the needs and capacity of the public.  Today, rugs are primarily available in two categories, synthetic and natural rugs. Natural rugs derive their raw material from natural sources like plant and animal fibres. It encompasses wool that comes from sheep. Interestingly, one of the best fringe benefit of rugs made from wool is it is dust mite resistant which is helpful to people having dust allergies. Furthermore, woollen rugs offer increased texture retention and durability via natural crimp that is exclusive to many wool fibres.

It was just a sneak peek into the ascendancy of natural fibres. With many specifications like cotton, jute and sisal, natural rugs have lots of perks on its hot list. The common ones include bamboo, hemp, sea grass, mountain grass and even paper. On the contrary, synthetic rugs manufactured from a blend of acrylic with other synthetic materials, are not so promising and healthy. Many of these rugs are made from petroleum products and varied other unnatural chemicals, which wear off rapidly over time, after the rug is vacuumed or steam cleaned.

Evidently, synthetic rugs will retain their original quality for a shorter period of time and back out on durability. Though expensive, we recommend you to go for the eco-friendly option of owning nontoxic polymers that are way too promising and a healthy choice for your family in the long run. Let’s have alook at some of the pros of Floorspace natural rugs and who knows, you will probably be getting some of them yourself soon when you realise how nice a natural rug can be!

  • Natural rugs are created from 100% renewable resources, which implies that the materials are non-exhaustible and could be replenished with the passage of time with minimum strain on mother earth. The consideration has significance in the present era where people are dealing with serious environmental crisis across the globe.
  • Unlike synthetic rugs, natural rugs do not ooze out any hazardous chemicals. It may happen that a fresh out of the store rug might release a peculiar smell but it dissipates quickly within the next few hours.
  • Natural rugs are sturdy and tough and can withstand a lot of wear from high traffic areas.
  • The molecularstructure of the fibres supplements the add on perks which comprise fire resistance, anti-static and natural sound absorbing attributes.
  • Moreover, these are stain resistant and easy to maintain. However, exposure to water can do damage to natural rugs.
  • These are available in the Floorspace store in diverse weaves, patterns, textures and incommensurable colours.

So there is plenty to choose from the distinctive world of Floorspace natural rugs – Pick one out for your home today!

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