DHT – Dihydrotestosterone, is a created from testosterone with enzyme activity. DHT is an androgen and is really powerful. It leads to hair loss as well as male pattern baldness. While testosterone is also an androgen is a steroid which is produced in the body. DHT is a natural derivative of testosterone.


DHT is involved in other health issues along with hair loss, like it enlarges prostate condition which is called benign prostatic hyperplasia and also prostate cancer. This DHT in needed for the development of the male genitalia and this has more potential that testosterone. DHT leads to male sex characteristics like deep voice, muscles and facial hair. It helps a person in becoming muscular and strong. It does not contribute to any female characteristics and growth. DHT is a sex steroid and is androgenic in nature. Andro means masculine.


Testosterone and DHT

While Testosterone is a hormone which is produced in leydig cells in the testicles. It is the androgen hormone which lead to the male characteristics. This hormone testosterone helps in the development of male genitalia and also helps in the production of sperms and also increases libido. The basic difference between DHT, a natural derivative of testosterone and Testosterone is that in the functioning with regard to the androgen hormone.As a person ages, the levels of testosterone decreases in men and it can also be due to the dysfunction of the endocrine system. This can lead to many symptoms like hair loss, muscle loss, increased body fat and decrease libido, dysfunction of erectile and infertility. The person can even be depressed and he may also have low energy levels. While Testosterone is converted as DHT with the help of an enzyme. The enzyme is 5-alpha-reductase or 5-AR. When this 5-AR levels are increased in the body, in helps in increasing the levels of testosterone in the body and then it converts to DHT and this leads to hair loss. DHT as well as testosterone attach to the receptor cells which are same. DHT can easily attach to the receptor cells and can hold for longer time. When testosterone is converted to DHT, there will be decrease in the levels of the testosterone and baldness is seen.

One must get the levels of Testosterone checked

If a person sees severe hair loss and signs of baldness, then he must visit the doctor and get the testosterone levels checked. Testosterone boosters and therapy are suggested and given over the counter only when they are recommended. Finasteride is the only drug which is approved by the Food and drug administration which can be used legally. It is commonly known with its brand names as Propecia and Proscar. Few side effects are also seen with the usage of Finasteride in less percentage. Many men lost the sex drive and there was decrease in the ejaculation. When a person started using Finasteride, he should keep using it for ever, else he will face hair loss again. To overcome the side effects, one can also go for the testosterone replacement therapy and this is a long term treatment which is given for those men who produce very low levels of testosterone, very low levels of testosterone can affect the quality of the life.

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