Different Types Of best Cakes Available in market

There are so many occasions for which you might want to order a cake. Some people are so cake lover that they want to simply order a cake without needing a reason to celebrate. Well that is definitely cool but if you just end up sticking to either chocolate or black forest flavours then probably you are missing the fun of exploring different types of cakes that will make your day. With so many new bakers coming in town, take some time out and visit the market to explore the best recipes of cake which are quite unique and undoubtedly mouth relishing too.

Know More About Different Types Of Cakes Available:

There are wide range of cakes whose taste will vary and have some great designs and concepts that will of course surprise you. Listed is some that you might want to take a look at:

Layer cake:

Moving on to popular type of the layer cake which is usually cut on anniversary, wedding day, or birthday as well is Layer cake. From chocolate till red velvet it is available in different flavors and variety of layers that are put one after another. It usually have certain method such as one bowl, creaming and Cream-and-whip method that ads texture to the cake and make it look fascinating.

Shortened Cakes:

It is one of the popular type of cake made simply with wide range of fats which includes lard, butter and even vegetable shortening. It is also called as the butter cake as lots of butter is used in this recipe. No doubt that it is one of the best cakes in Lahore that you can come across and is available in different areas too. It is named as shortened as the high amount of butter actually makes the gluten strands short. Due to this when the flour gets blended with water, the tender texture causes the soft crumbs and the size remains small.

Other Popular Types:

Moving on to some other popular types of cake that you might want to try out is Cake of egg whites, sponge cake, The Classic Pound Cake. Some of them are rich in fats like pound cake while some of them like cake with only egg whites is extremely healthy, fat free and of course the most delicious cake that you will come across. There are no limits to the type of cakes available in the market but if you take closer look generally the above mentioned cakes are quite trending and popular.

No doubt that after going through all these amazing types of cakes you is likely to get tempted. But hold on to your temptation and share it with your loved ones. You can send cakes to Lahore of any type and size and surprise your loved one with the best cake that you have loved so far. Definitely sharing is caring and when it comes to cake nothing can beat it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your booking for the date to the store today.


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