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Discover local Hyderabadi Food that you must try

Starting from forts to mosques there are a lot of things that you should never miss in Hyderabad. At the same time, there are a few things that you should taste in Hyderabad. More than anything else, Hyderabad is showcase their cuisine to the world. This article is about an 8 exotic Hyderabadi dishes that can be enjoyed only in this land.

Hyderabadi Food

  1. Paya Curry

This is for those who are looking for a heavy breakfast. It is a Nawabian flavoured goat thigh bones in stew with hot steaming naan or paratha. The spicy flavour of the curry would juice down the naan.

  1. Pathar ka goshti

Marinated mutton pieces are cooked slowly over a large stone. The mutton is cut into small pieces and mixed with strong flavours and marinated for several hours. This marinated mutton is slowly cooked over charcoal flame and served steaming hot. This is a delicacy for meat lovers and can be found in most of the local stores.

  1. Haleem

If you visit the city in the month of Ramadan, you need to enjoy Haleem. It is a dish made by cooking goat meat for hours and hours till the bones become so soft and mix with the flesh to form a flavoured jelly like consistency. It is cooked with ground wheat and butter. It has a slight sweet taste naturally, but it would be flavoured as per your request. It is usually decorated with little lemon, small dices of onion and served hot.

  1. Spicy brinjal

Do you know that Hyderabad is known for its spicy food? Taste the spicy brinjal tampered with aromatic flavours and oil. This was one of the dishes that were served in the court of Nawab.

  1. Hyderabadi Biriyani

It is also called as dum biriyani. It is the Mughalai styled biriyani. It has an exotic flavour of meat drenched in steaming rice mixed with spicy pieces of meat. A lot of people flock near the biriyani stalls in Hyderabad.

  1. Ghee flavoured kichadi

Kichadi is a common dish in South India and in some parts of North India too. But, the ghee flavoured rice blended kichadi of Hyderabad has a unique nut flavour and spicy taste.

  1. Sugar apricot

Khubani ka meeta is a simple delicacy that is made with apricot. Apricot is boiled in sugar water till it becomes utter soft. These sweet balls are garnished with nuts and served with ice cream or malai. This is a treat for all sweet lovers.

  1. Qabooli biriyani

Biriyani is not just for non-vegetarians. This is a spicy flavoured vegetarian styled steamed biriyani. It has a strong spicy flavour and you can taste some burly tangy flavour every now and then.

These are the top in my list and the list does not stop here. Starting from the pumpkin delicacy to the tender mutton soup, this land has a strong and memorable flavour that sticks to your tongue and in the depth of your conscious every time you think about this land.

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