Dr Radhika Vijay( MBBS, MD, Pharmacology)

“Words can be magical and highly influencing once expressed and channelised through the right pathway!”

The story began when, according to my own standards, I had completed my studies. I am Dr Radhika Vijay from Bikaner, Rajasthan, India . I graduated (MBBS) from S.P. Medical College, Bikaner (Raj) in 2005 and postgraduate (MD Pharmacology) from R.N.T.M.C. Udaipur, Raj in 2020. I had a strong desire to be a string of influence in my subject. My aims were not to fly in the air but to be one of the shining stars in this vast sky of my subject, Pharmacology.

Nothing very specific in my mind, I had knowledge of basic podcast making which I had begun to do in the last few months of my post graduation. After around 6 months, I relaunched my podcast on Dec 12, 2020. After that there was no turning back. 2021 was again a great learning year for me. I highlighted the 100th (completion of first season) episode of the podcast with writing of a Book, which actually revolved round the first season, hence I named it the Podcast Book. It was my first book and I had initially thought of publishing the book traditionally, but eventually ended up publishing myself.

Since it was quite a tender beginning, I did not invest my  time and money in propagating the whole event and book saga. I successfully managed to get one critical lengthy review from one of the doctors in the UK at Amazon website. Not very serious, the only thing I stuck to throughout this year of 2021 was my podcast. I don’t know, I was actually incorporating my literary skills too, it was a joyous and creative process.

For me , each and every episode was like writing a mini booklet. I used my learnings like french phrases, sentences. I too composed very short poetic stanzas to make the episodes sound beautiful, informative and rich. I never realised that I had this skill, interest and methodology of writing. You can imagine, writing 100 episodes without any specific repetition of any verse, poem or stanza requires a real effort of weaving words together! Whatever quotes, poems and stanzas I had crafted, I kept on incorporating them on my Goodreads Author profile, Quotes section. Some of my favourites are:

“Rainbows are rare! A blend of beauty and cheers. A symbol of reverie, colours of fantasy! Try to chase it with your vision. An absolute crescent gonna engender great elation!!”

“Identify your whys to motivation. One positive thought is the key to inspiration. Tweak a bit to approach the target. Don’t lose your mind, Just one step will work up the rest!”

Then came 2022. Somehow, I was motivated by myself to write an incident very close to my own experience, but still it was fiction and not a real life story. That was my first story book,”Building Net Castles.” It was a novel concept. I was able to get a few reviews which helped me to be more dedicated to this art.

Then I had planned to develop a nutrition book series. I was a certified dietitian and hence knew some real nice tips and strategies about healthy eating and dieting. So far I have written three books in this series.

Amongst the stories, I was very enthusiastic to write for the kids, yes, small kids. But then it was a totally different genre from my subject, hence I planned to take a pen name,”Radgin Wiz” for this reason. I have written one picture book, “Della the Dolphin”  and one middle grade student book,”Wizgin and the Valley of the dwarfs,” under my pen name. I edited my books myself and created my own designs for the book cover.

2022 taught me the real art of “Self Publishing” and I had realised how expressing yourself in the right manner brings so much peace, joy and contentment within oneself. My books  are not the best seller, though my podcast was doing better than the books. But all this random writing and creating experiment was a success according to my standards.

I do not compete with anyone but I always think that if one has a will to do  and knows how to do it, then words are the best things you can create and offer as a token of your own expression. The versatility of this route is what defines its uniqueness and strength. This is a little story of my words and how I expressed them through the art of creativity and self publishing!


AUTHOR BIO: Dr Radhika Vijay( MBBS, MD, Pharmacology)

Dr Radhika Vijay is from Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. Her hobbies are Reading, Drawing, Music & Spoken French. She secured 3rd Merit in 10th and 12th standard. She is a faculty in S. P. Medical College in Bikaner. She believes in values, power of time, prayers and purpose driven consistency as foundation elements in one’s life!!

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