Erroneous Demands for Reservation in India

It is really perplexing to notice the repetitive protests by the well off communities demanding reservation. The way Patidars in Gujarat asked for reservation last year was really offending and lead to a sarcastic end. Unaware of the loss that the country bore at that time, Jats of Haryana are replicating it this year. In fact, the community belongs to the prosperous land holders in Haryana. Even their strength is higher in the region , it is really a challenge to give away the reservations they are demanding.

The demands for qualms from these potent communities is also the  result of the victory of the system of reservations that formed the most important section of the Mandal Commission proposal, put into practice for the past 25 years, separately from the 65 years of reservations for Adivasis and Dalits. The goal of establishing this was to uplift the lower sections of the society and fill the gap between the inferior and the superior section of the society.

Since, there are numerous communities in India, which have recognized themselves with the upper section of society also seek out “backward” status recommends that through public sector depiction and growth in admittance to advanced schooling the “economic gap” has been lessened, and can be seen narrowing adversely. Despite being financially strong and possessing social standard, there has been a fall in landholding due to the lethargy or the distribution over the generations. Particularly in the case of jats, despite higher economic and social standing, there has been a reduction in landholding due to distribution over generations and compressing incomes from the rural sectors preserving apathy in the economy. There has been many such structural issues over the time which have combined to raise this problem and fuelled the jats protest for illogical demands. The success of reservation programme has literally contributed in evoking the prosperous class of the society in raising demand for the reservations. No doubt, that these reservation demands are worthless and are someway destroying the nation as a whole. Where the reservation system was build to bring equality among all the classes in a nation famous for “unity in diversity” has started taking a difficult turn. Hence, the protests and the politics are somehow getting out of hand and the caste system brought in to light by the reservation system is weakening the nation.

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