Exploring the Coastal Beauty From Kolkata to Digha in a Car Road Trip

Situated on the Bay of Bengal coast, Digha is a beach town in West Bengal famous for its serene beaches and scenic beauty. It is one of the most explored road trip destinations from Kolkata for families and friends who want a pleasurable weekend after a hectic week. Apart from the magnificent beaches, Digha also houses some of the best tourist attraction spots.

If you plan to travel from Kolkata to Digha, there are various modes and routes. In this article, we will explore all the possible routes to travel from Kolkata to Digha if someone travels by car.

What is the Best time to Visit Digha?

Digha can be unbearable during summers, like most other towns on the western coast. When talking about Monsoon, although it brings down the heat, it also creates high tides that make it difficult to enjoy the sea. Hence, the time between October and February is the best time to visit Digha.

Between October and February, the temperatures during the day stay between 25 to 30 degrees, while at night, they drop to 17 degrees.

Best Routes to Take From Kolkata to Digha

  1. Via NH16 and NH 116B

When travelling through this route, the distance from Kolkata to Digha is 185 Km, which takes around 4 hours and 30 minutes. This route via NH16 is known to be the best route as it is the shortest and fastest. However, the main drawback of this route is that the traffic is more regular, along with the lack of road closures.

While travelling through this route, you will see:

  • Tamluk Rajbari: It is a heritage monument that finds its description in the lesser-known history of Bengal. Tamluk Rajbari was the royal abode of the Bhanj dynasty, once considered a place of great importance.
  • Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Kuthi: With a calm and peaceful vibe, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Kuthi is the home where the great novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay spent the last few years of his life.
  • Nalanagula Point: Situated around the Rupnarayana River, Nalanagula Point is known for its incredible scenic beauty of the natural surroundings. It also works as a short break from the continuous journey from Kolkata to Digha.
  1. Via NH16

The second route, that is, via NH16, is a comparatively longer route that takes more time. The road includes various highway tolls, and the condition of the road is not as good as that of the first route. Some places have roads in good condition, while the rest need to be repaired. The distance is around 230 Km and takes an hour more than the first route. You can also take a break at the famous Sher-E-Punjab while travelling through this route.

While travelling through this route, you will see:

  • Gadiara Tourist Spot: Housing the historic Fort of Mornington, the Gadiara Tourist Spot is an excellent place for a picnic, offering the scenic beauty of the confluence of Rupnarayan and Hooghly Rivers.
  • Vivekananda Park: This park in Howrah is a great place for a quick break. The place is well-maintained, with ample trees and seating places. It is open 24/7, and children enjoy much time here.
  • Country Roads: Situated in Raghudevpur, Country Roads is a three-star hotel. Country Roads is known for its delicious cuisine, calm environment, and well-behaved employees.

How to Travel in Digha?

The following section talks about a 2-day itinerary of travelling in Digha:

  • Day 1

After taking a long drive from Kolkata to Digha, you can take rest for a while and enjoy at the beach. During the evening you can visit the food stalls at the Old Digha Beach and walk around exploring the local artisans and their work. At night, after having dinner, you can sit by the new Digha beach and enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach at night.

  • Day 2

Start the second day with a drive to the Talsari beach in Odisha which is lined by Casuarina trees. The rugged beauty of the sea will mesmerize you. After that, take a drive to manmandarmani beach adjacent to Digha Beach. Enjoy the day there and after having lunch you can start your journey to return back home.

What Are the Other Means of Traveling From Kolkata to Digha?

Apart from the car, people can also visit Digha by train. Two trains run regularly from Kolkata to Digha, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. However, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the road, there is no other option better than a car ride.

Things to Consider Before Your Car Road Trip

  • Get your car serviced: Ensure your car is properly serviced and in top working order before hitting the road.
  • Plan the route: Before starting a car journey, a thorough route plan must be made. Take into account variables like distance, topography, and road conditions.
  • Get car insurance: Not only is car insurance mandatory in India, at least third-party as per law, but it is also crucial to have to financially covered in case of third-party damages. Go for an insurer with a good network of cashless garages and roadside assistance.
  • Carry all crucial travel documents: Besides your insurance document, ensure you have your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and any other document you might need for cross-state travel.
  • Plan your fuel stops: Be aware of the distance between petrol pumps, especially in remote areas, and plan your fuel stops ahead of time.

Thus, a road trip from Kolkata to Digha is the perfect plan for a weekend. Some tourist attractions include Amrabati Park, Shankarpur Beach, Digha Science Centre, Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre, and Casuarina Forest. However, do not forget to check your car’s working conditions and car insurance to avoid certain unforeseen predicaments.

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