Importance of Celebrating International Day of Education

Every year UNESCO celebrates the 24th of January as the International Day of Education. This initiative was made to make the citizens of the world understand the power of education and its importance in eradicating poverty, inequality, and gender inequality across the globe.

Did you know that 2023 will mark the fifth year of celebrating International Day of Education? Want to know more about International Day of Education and why it is celebrated? Read along to discover the importance of celebrating International Day of Education and how it is celebrated.

Why is it celebrated?

According to UNESCO’s studies, today around 244 million children and youth don’t attend school, 617 million children and adolescents across the globe can’t do basic math or read; less than 40% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa complete lower secondary school and around 4 million children and youth refugees are dropping out of school.

UNESCO has dedicated a day to celebrate the influence of education and to make people aware of its importance in sustainably developing our world.  It aims to make the people of the world stop perceiving it as unnecessary and optional and rather as a mandatory step which will help the youth evolve into responsible individuals.

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Importance of International Day of Education

UNESCO believes that education has the potential to shatter manmade boundaries between countries and cultures. It believes that the only way we can bring equality into the world is by ensuring that the future of the world is well-educated.

The agenda behind dedicating an entire day to education is to make people realise that education is the only way to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty, and gender inequality and to create inclusivity and lifelong opportunities for all.

We all know that children are the future of our society. By educating young minds, we are securing the future of the globe and ensuring that the world becomes a better place to live.

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How is International Day of Education celebrated?

This day is celebrated in many ways throughout our country. It is the perfect day to think about your education and how it has empowered you and made you who you are today. This day is also an opportunity for people to rediscover their passion for knowledge and to pick up their education from where they left it and study further.

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Every year UNESCO decides the theme of the International Day of Education. It is different every year depending on which topic needs to be prioritised. While the theme for International Education Day 2022 was “Changing Course, Transforming Education”, the theme for this year is “to invest in people, prioritize education”.

UNESCO believes that education needs to be prioritised as it has the power to combat the global recession, growing inequalities, climate crisis and many other global dilemmas. Education is the right of every child, and we must ensure that children from all parts of the world have access to quality education that will help them perceive themselves and their world better.

So, how are you planning to celebrate International Day of Education this year?

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