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HGH is Human Growth Hormone which is produced in the body in pituitary gland and is located in the brain. This is also classified as a steroid and plays an important role for bodybuilders and athletes.

Growth Hormone steroid cycle

HGH and steroids are considered to be same by many people while it is not. Steroids are for strengthening and improving the performance and so they are banned. HGH is for growth of the tissues, bones and muscles and this is regulated by the secretion of the pituitary gland which is directed by the hypothalamus gland. The body secretes it when it is needed. If this HGH levels are more, it can lead to gigantism and if it is less it can cause dwarfism. HGH peptides are important supplements which are produced in the body naturally and it has 191 amino acids which are created by somatotrophs and these are special cells which are found in the pituitary glands. HGH is for maintaining and regulating the metabolism as well as other functions of the body like repairing the tissues, controlling the release and production of other hormones in the bloodstream. Though steroids are not for growth of the bones, they enhance the strength. Anabolic steroids in combination with HGH and the related peptides are popular as enhancing the performance. These accelerate the synthesis of the protein and they boost the energy levels and also help in increasing the stamina of the person.


HGH and steroids can cause many side effects and they are mild. But when the drug is stopped, these side effects are discontinued and are minimal form of the dietary supplements. Alleged use of growth hormone can cause many adverse reactions and side effects in men and women and they differ. These steroids have impact on the endocrine and also on the production of the hormone levels and they are not reversible. There are few reversible conditions are reduced sperm count and shrinking of testicle. In few cases, the changes are not reversible, like development of breast in men and male pattern baldness. When female uses these steroids, they tend to develop masculine characteristics like decreased breast size, deepening of voice. Accelerated body hair growth is also seen in some cases. When these anabolic steroids are combined with other steroids, it can alter as well as damage the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems of the body. Other side effects like infections, tumour in liver and damage of skin was seen. When HGH is combined with anabolic steroids, it can lead to change in moods and can cause irritability.

HGH and Testosterone

Many body builders combine HGH with testosterone and such stacking can cause severe reactions. When the levels of testosterone are high, it can cause risk of blood clotting, heart stroke and heart attack. Other side effects can include blurred vision, blindness, headaches, weakness of the body parts. Side effects can also effect the endocrine system of the body and can accelerate the bone and muscle growth can cause disfigurement. There can be pain in extremities, muscle spasms and osteoporosis is also seen. Skin reactions are also commonly seen. There can also be change in the weight, appetite and the person can also see fluid retention.

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