Is India Ready To Fight Against the 3rd Wave of Coronavirus? Protocols of 3rd Wave.

Just after the reduction of the first wave Covid-19 in India, people started to think of themselves as kings. As a result, we have got the gigantic hit of the second wave of Covid-19. In May, the active patients were more than 4 lakh. It’s almost beyond our imagination how much the health departments had to suffer in that period. Though it starts to decrease much from the end of June. But the tragedy is that a larger section of common folk is still unaware of the impact of the second wave. And so that they unknowingly are trying to welcome the third wave of Covid-19. Yes, it is true that to be captivated into the same room for few months is too tiresome. And we all need a change. But this is not the exact moment to create a crowd in the tourist’s places. As the third wave of Covid-19 is knocking at our doors. Already the hotels’ rooms are full at many tourist places. The religious festivals have commenced gathering the devotees. People have already started to forget to use masks in a public spots. On the other hand, only a few percentages of people have done their vaccination. Now it’s a big challenge for India that how they will fight actively against the third wave of Covid-19.

Can India Be Able To Save Their People From The Third Wave Of Covid-19?

However, the second wave of Covid-19 has shown a long extended movie of many painful news and deaths. India became exhausted to fight against the immense wave of Covid-19. Just because India was not so much prepared for that. There was enough lack of vaccines, medicines, oxygen, beds, staff, and proper health support. Numerous young men have to say goodbye in this second wave of Covid-19. The parameter of Covid-19 was continuously rising in May. People became panicked, afraid, and helpless. Now, the question arises, ‘Is India fully prepared for the third wave?’ Each people of every nook and corner wants to know, ‘Are they insured enough in India from the upcoming wave of Covid-19?’

The experts’ poll has asserted that the third wave of Covid-19 most probably will hit in October this year. But about 70% of specialists have assured that this third wave will not be as dangerous as this running second wave for India. India has now sufficient beds, oxygen, and treatments. Vaccination has already begun in various areas. A major category of people has received the 1st dose. And a lot of people have completed both doses of vaccine. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had declared to conduct a Crash Course on Covid-19 for the front liners through video conferences. This course is designed to train more efficiently to battle against the third wave of Covid-19. Though the next variant of Covid-19 is Delta, more capable of transmission. Now it’s entirely up to the natives of India, will they again make the mistakes or they will properly maintain the Covid-19 protocols.

What Are The Important Safety Measures To Be Guarded From The Third Wave?

Already it’s shown in the news channel and newspaper that the famous tourist spots are flooded with visitors. For this, the expert doctors’ panel of India has become more worried about the picture of the upcoming situation. But if you want to save yourself from the third wave of Covid-19, then this article will help you by providing proper guidelines about it.

  • Though from 2020, we all become habituated with hand washing. Still, the first precaution will be hand washing. Whatever you touch, if the virus exits there will get attached to your hands. So if you wash your hands with hand wash or hand sanitizer or soap. The virus can not reach your body.
  • Those who have to go outside, keep a hand sanitizer with you. And sanitize your hands at your need.
  • The second important thing is a mask. There is no way to neglect using a mask. If you have to journey on a bus or train, you can use double masking. Cover the nose to chin with your mask. And never touch the mask with your hands.
  • The third essential fact is maintaining social and physical distancing. Just forget about the handshake and hugs. Greet your near or dear one from at least 6 ft distance. Don’t touch anyone unnecessarily.
  • Avoid crowded areas, parties, festivals, and any kind of occasion where there is a high chance of gathering. The wedding party is allowed to gather only 50 people. And the death ceremony is allowed to gather only 20 people. So don’t make any mistake by gathering more people in a small space. It will be risky for you.
  • If you have caught with cold and cough. Then immediately consult with your doctor and restrain yourself far away from other members of your family. Whether it is the symptom of Covid-19 or not. But it’s better to stay apart in this type of condition.
  • If your familiar one has already been attacked with Covid-19. Then don’t roam closely around them. Suggest them about quarantine and take proper medication.
  • The last important precaution is a vaccine. As soon as possible, take your vaccine from the nearest health camp. The vaccine will save partially from the death threat of the Covid-19 virus.

How To Save Children From The Threat Of 3rd Wave of Covid-19?

In entire India, among 130 crores of people, children of 0 to 12 years are about 30 crores. Which is 35% of our whole population. Up to 17 years the vaccination is not possible now. In the new normal condition after the 2nd wave of Covid-19. The children want to be free. They will not be competent to conserve social distancing with their playmates. They are very casual with wearing masks. Drink sufficient water becomes an annoyance for them. So the experts of India are suspecting that the third wave of Covid-19 will be a threat to children. However, by maintaining the guidelines the children can also be safe forever. Let’s have a look at the guidelines.

  • As a child always attaches to their parents or the seniors in their household. So that it is very much serious to get vaccinated for the parents and other elders.
  • Drink adequate water is much needed. Even you can give fruit juices often. But the juices should not be bought readymade from the grocery shops. You have to make juice from fresh fruits at home.
  • Educate your children about the importance of masks. So that they will also be conscious about wearing masks.
  • Tell them to wash their hands again and again. Teach them some funny techniques about hand washing. For this, they can enjoy hand washing.
  • Give them fresh vegetables, milk, egg, fruits with loaded Vitamin C. Children can not be given medicines without a doctor’s consultation. So add more protein, vitamins to their meals.
  • Allot them quality time. Try to play with them at your home. So that they can’t feel bore to stay alone at home. Tell them cheerful stories, teach them chess, Ludo and help them in their study. Keep them away from bad news on T.V.
  • Start your day with a few time exercises along with your kids. It will be a good habit and help to boost the immunity power in your kids too.


At last, through this article, we will heartily request all the responsible readers to maintain the proper guidelines of Covid-19. Your careful movement will save your family’s life. But your careless movement can apart your nearer one from you. We all have already noticed the destructive role of the second wave of Covid-19. We, the human being only can prevent the spread of the third wave of Covid-19 in India. If we become conscious more. So hope we all be safe and protected in the future days.

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