Method of Using the TENS unit for Pain Relief

Through Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) one is able to administer symptomatic pain relief. This is done by exciting the sensory nerves with the aim of opioid system and the pain gate mechanism. Usual instances would be after surgery or during labour.

Non-invasive relief from pain

In TENS, one can override the signal from the nerves. This non-invasive procedure helps because it is possible to alter the path of the pain or block it completely. To initiate Physical Therapy Tens Units find use extensively. Relief from pain is needed in a variety of situations. One such is the back pain that arises after back surgery failure, disc problems, or spine degeneration. Other instances are phantom limb pain or cancer-related pain.

People use TENS for muscle soreness when one over-exercises or for inflammatory conditions. People suffering from osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can benefit from the use of TENS.

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Combination therapy works

At times, TENS is used along with other treatment forms and pain relief and control techniques. These would include relaxation therapy, analgesics, nerve block injections, massage therapy, and spinal manipulation.

Working of the TENS machine

The mechanism involved in the operation of the TENS is not clear. There are many ways for the TENS to work. It is thought that TENS inhibits the pain pathways and increases the secretion of pain relief substances. It is possible to reduce muscle spasms and improve local circulation through the use of TENS. Even a placebo effect works for some people because the power of suggestion is strong in them.

Method of using the TENS unit

One must not use the TENS unit without proper understanding. Usually, the physical therapist will administer the proper therapy. You will find four electrodes provided. In most cases, two electrodes should prove sufficient. The pads have a protective gel that prevents the burning or irritation of the skin. The pads are self-adhesive so do not need much skill to fix them.

You can manipulate the strength of the electric current with the help of the dials present. You place the electrodes (pads) at the position determined by the therapist. This is usually on the painful area or beside the painful region.

After you place the electrodes, the intensity of the current is increased slowly until you experience a buzzing feeling that is warm but comfortable. This thumping sensation should be strong but not overpowering. If you do not experience any relief, then the physical therapist or the doctor will move the electrodes to the place where it connects with the spine. Another alternative is to place the pads over the trigger points. These are the places which cause the pain to occur.

Be sure to note the progress of the relief and the time it takes. The therapist will suggest corrections when there is not enough progress. Be sure to use the TENS unit according to the suggestion of the therapist alone.

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