SEO Guide 101: Small Business Approach to SEO

Small business owners can have too much on their plate at one time. From being their own accountant to being their own sales manager, small business owners are mostly a one-person army. By having too much work to do at one time, they often miss out on important things. Important things like SEO of their small business, and they also sometimes neglect the marketing aspect of the business.

When it comes to SEO, the issues for small business is more than not having time to give attention to it. They do not even have the right technical expertise to be good at SEO. Most of them would think of SEO as something that can work with their “being good at computers” skills and some might not even touch this aspect considering it too complicated.

Another reason why SEO becomes difficult for small business is due to the lack of resources. The tight budget of small business lets them let go of important business tools that can help them achieve greater success.

If this situation sounds similar to you, then you have come to the right place. In this vlog, we are going to teach you about some low-cost and easy to do SEO-related tips and tricks that can have a positive effect on your business.

However, before we get started, we need to know about the core basics of small business and SEO, which is the high-speed internet service. Since the coronavirus outbreak, many small businesses have started working from homes. Even many people have left their corporate jobs to start with their small home business during the pandemic.

This meant that having high-speed internet service at home is more than essential now to run a small business. If you are living in the United States, there are good chances for you to find several high-speed internet service providers in your town. For instance, The WOW internet and cable service is a reliable name among the internet service providers industry in America that has amazing internet packages that can suit your small business budget.

Now that we know the basic of the basics, it is time to study a little more about Small business SEO:

Have a Good Website Structure

These days, if you do not have your business website, you do not have business at all. Regardless of what services and products you are offering, it is crucial to have a website that represents your business. And it is more circular to have a logically restricted website.

In simple words, logically structured business websites means a website that is easy to navigate. Also, you need to make sure that your homepage links to the important packages of your website such as the service page, about us page, and so on.

A business website should be made for the convenience of the customers and should have everything placed in a way that makes it easier for the viewer to understand the business and its services.

Make Sure Your Site Is Free From Broken Pages and Links

One of the important aspects of SEO of business websites is to make sure that the website is free from broken pages and links. Broken stuff is not only good for SEO but is also not good for people visiting your website.

A broken link or a missing page on your website will give the wrong impression of your business to the viewers, which is the last thing you want for your business.

Therefore, it is important for you to constantly monitor your website from the perspective of a viewer or potential customer to find the broken stuff and fix it as soon as possible.

Make sure Every Page Has Meta Title and Description

For the SEO purpose, it important to have an enticing and unique Meta description and title on every website page.

Apart from having a unique content for the Meta title and description, you should also make sure that the description does not exceed the length at which Google search engine shortens them.

Make sure the content used forced the search engines to click through your website to rank higher.

Make sure you have a good undertaking of keywords that you can use in the content to upgrade SEO for the website.


SEO company in bangalore for small business can be complicated to implement unless it is understood the right way. By following the advice we’ve shared, you can go a long way towards improving your search engine results page ranking and capturing local market share. Who knows, if you keep making incremental SEO improvements, your business may even start getting noticed regionally!

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