The types of pregnancy tests

Often a woman is asked how can she figure out she is pregnant. There are some early signs associated with pregnancy. There are different types of pregnancy tests at doctors or the home which can be performed. Let us now illustrate this one by one-

Pregnancy tests at home

Home pregnancy tests are available in digital and standard stick forms. The digital can be used up to 6 days of your missed period, whereas in case of standard stick it is 4 days up to your missed period. Please take note that if you test early the chances of a negative result are all the more. It means that you are pregnant, but the results indicate the opposite.

The tests should be done first thing in the morning as your hormone or urine levels are high. This is not a sure shot fact that the results will be accurate. All pregnancy tests are measured by the presence of HCG hormone which is released by the developing placenta

Digital tests are accurate and can be used earlier than the standard kits. Woman worldwide tend to prefer it as the results are mentioned in the form of yes or no on an LED screen. Do take into consideration that these tests are much more expensive and you may end up taking a few of them. The digital sticks are accurate 99 % when you use it on the day of a missed period, which in comparison to a standard stick happens to be the same.

Clinical urine test

This test can be performed in the chamber of the doctor. It is not commercially viable in pharmacies as it is based on the same principle of HCG detention as the HPT is more or less accurate. With the help of a professional you can avoid discrepancies during the course of the test. This test is bound to cost you more than a HPT.

Blood tests

This is one of the major pregnancy tests at home. Here the presence of HCG in the blood is tested as they can detect it earlier than the urine tests. But they are more expensive than the home tests and takes a little bit longer.

The first happens to be the qualitative HCG blood test where the presence of HCG in the body is checked. A simple answer is provided to the question whether you are pregnant or not. Doctors rely on these tests to confirm pregnancy as early as 10 days after your missed period. Some of them can detect HCG much earlier

This is followed by the quantitative Beta HCG blood tests which is one of the accurate tests as far as pregnancy is concerned. It also helps one to determine any course of problem during the stages of pregnancy. The expense of the test will be determined by the clinic you choose along with the insurance cover you have at the same time. If the results are uncertain it may call for another test where additional expenses need to be incurred.


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