The unique charm of religious places of Bhopal

Known to be the land of religious and cultural diversity, Bhopal is the land of ethnic religion and scenery beauty. This place has gained a spot of the tourist interest because of which it is known to be one of the tourist destinations in India. Other than rich flora and fauna, placid lakes, ancient monuments, and architectural splendours, this place has got many holy and religious places to explore. The city is the base for some holy shrines which makes it an attractive paradise for the heritage lovers along with pilgrims.

Religious places that you must visit:

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh is considered to be a religious destination for those who have utter faith in god. This place is surrounded with incredible mosques and temples with fine architecture detailing that were made in the 11th AD century and still hold a great importance. Also, known for the heritage and history, if you are keen to explore Bhopal’s religious part then seek out for the Bhopal hotel rates that are close to these important areas and are convenient.

The ever popular Khajuraho, a consortium of monuments is located in Madhya Pradesh. All these temples go on to replicate the Nagara style of architecture, which has been declared as a heritage site by UNESCO. Behind the popularity of it, the erotic sculptures are another one reason. The priceless assets of the city of Bhopal are its heritage, history as well as culture. In addition to this place Orchha too has some of the ancient and historically famous temples of India. For example, the Chaturbhuj temple in this region is dedicated to Lord Vishnu that was constructed by the Bundel Rajputs. Another prime attraction of this region is the Ram Raja temple as it has the deity of Lord Rama sitting in a posture with a sword in hand.

Places that you must visit here are Chaturbhuj Temple, Ram Raja Temple, Taj-ul-Masjid, Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga, Ghats of Chitrakoot, Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, and the Temple at Narmada Kund that are some of the masterpieces which took quite many years to turn into a beautiful outcome. Most of the people visit this place every year to just enjoy the peace and natural beauty.

This city is certainly a home for those who love to stay in the holy shrines and consider the heritage and pilgrims as a paradise to explore. However, while looking for the accommodation in Bhopal, you need to make a good research and then compare them as per the reputation, food, transportation and tourist destinations available. The trip should be more like a memorable experience for you rather than a hectic plan. Bhopal is a wonderful; place provided you make a good trip planning well in advance without any hassle.

It all boils down to the theme of your holiday you can choose to visit Bhopal round the year. In terms of weather, the best time to visit this place is from October to November as the climate is generally cool.

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