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Things to Consider Before Investing in a Pool Table

Are you a pool game enthusiast and looking for the best pool table, but you do not know which, how where? If you do not have a clear picture and understanding of table it can be a confusing endeavor you are in the right place relax and enlightened.

Which Table Size Is Best For Your Gaming

The price of the pool table is directly proportional to the size of the table. You have to therefore do your research and choose the right size. You could choose 8-feet table to begin with However, as you master the game, you may have to move over to 9-foot table. This is what is used in championships. As you become expert in the 8-foot variants you will be a champ in this size and you will be ready to graduate to the 9-foot ones. Hence, size is an important point to be considered when buying these pool tables.

After Sales Services And Warranty

While opting for a competitively priced pool table, as an and user you must not compromise on quality beyond a point. Quality is not just about the materials, workmanship and finish. It also should take into account various other factors like after sales services and of course warranty terms and conditions. The price could vary depending on quality and the number of years of warranty that these pools come with You should look for a manufacturer who has after sales service facilities in the city or nearby areas.

Do They Provide Free Leveling Work

Re-leveling or re-leveling of a used or new table is quite common. However, it calls for having the right plastic cards and exact calipers. These plastic cards come in different grades and sizes and some are hundreds of inches in thickness. These are inserted under the table if needed and can be done only by experts to ensure that the level is perfect. Even a slight variation in the levels could make or break a gam. This is all the more true for used pools tables. This might call for a first, second or even third leveling. Hence, these costs should be taken into account when getting the right answers to the question how much does a pool table cost.

Composition Of The Slate

The price that you pay for your pool table would also depend on the kind of slate or wood which is used beneath the cloth on the top. If you really want a high quality pool board then you must be looking at a heavy duty and heavy weight slate instead of wood as the underlay. They are more durable and long lasting. When looking at the price, you also must take into account the transportation costs. Pool tables which are less expensive are easier to transport because one-piece slate can be quite heavy and they also need to be handled with car. Further they should be installed only by specialists who are thorough with the job. This will also add to the cost of the pool table and therefore must be factored when you are searching the right answer to the question how much does a pool table cost.

What Is The Grade Of Felt Used?

The type of felt used impacts the price of these tables quite a bit. The quality of felts will determine as to how the balls move on the table. The ease of playing will also be determined to a great extent by the quality of felt. If you go in for top quality felts you can be sure that the price of the table will go up by quite a few hundred dollars and also thousand dollars in a few high and makes and models.

Transportation Cost

Transportation costs also need to be factored while estimated the price of a table pool. The transport costs would again vary quite a bit depending on the size of the pool table, the weight, the quality of underlay such as slate and of course the distance to be covered. So, you must try and settle for a quality pool which is not very heavy. However, you are the best person as to the compromise you would be willing to make on transport expenses.

Price Of Accessories

Finally you will also have to spend some money on different types of accessories. While some might come as a part of the overall deal, there are others which have to be bought separately and this will push the price buy a few hundred dollars.


At the and of the day, there is no doubt that the cost of pool table cannot be straight jacketed. It depends on a number of factors and we hope the above lists would have given some idea to the readers.

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