Top 5 Challenges That Mobile App Developers Face

In the past few years, the smartphone culture has observed a sharp growth and popularity in the social and corporate ecosystem all across the globe. As such, the demand for splendid mobile app development services for iOS and Android has also heightened to generate more business opportunities and leads. There are more than 2 million apps on the App Store as well as the Play Store. On average, people make use of 9-10 apps daily. Also, thousands of them are released and uploaded every day.

This immense popularity and wide usage of smartphone applications have placed a lot of pressure and heavy challenges for even the finest mobile application development firms to develop creative and robust apps in this digitally evolving business world. So what are these hurdles and challenges that are making the jobs of an application developer complex and difficult? Let’s find out.

Identifying & Solving Mobile App Development Challenges


Deciding a correct and suitable approach for ideal mobile application development is one of the most common challenges. To overcome this problem, a developer should get the following things clear before initiating the development process:

Which platform or framework to choose?
What are the objectives of the application?
What are the functions of the application?
Who is the target audience?
What are the plans of the application for the future?

Having answers to these aforesaid queries can help to craft a correct path right from the beginning.


Developers have to implement a sensible and nice UI & UX design during the dynamic mobile application development process. A nice UI and UX design make apps more appealing and easy-to-use. However, understanding the preferences and tastes of target users comes as a challenge. This can be addressed by conducting comprehensive research and analysis of what users like and what they don’t.


Your target audience base is large and not all of them use the same devices and same OS (Operating System). To properly expand the scope and reach of your business through a mobile application, the developers must overcome this challenge by:

Developing mobile apps for iOS and Android, both
Developing apps that can work on multiple devices like smartphones and tablets.
Paying attention to the different screen sizes, resolutions, and pixels.


As already discussed, the application market is overcrowded with millions of apps belonging to diverse niches. However, the best mobile apps development firms know the way out to beat such a challenge. They constantly try to analyze and investigate the missing elements and features in the applications that have already been released. They implement new and unique solutions to make sure that the app stands out in the overcrowded niche.


The challenges are not over until the app performs fast and smooth. Apart from having an inspiring design, it should be free from bugs and should have the capacity to run on minimum battery levels. It should be able to run on older devices as well. To overcome this problem, the developers need to collaborate with designers and QAs and make a beta-version first to check and identify the problems related to performance.

All such challenges must be properly addressed so that a wide array of benefits can be availed from a successful smartphone app, which includes improved sales, brand recognition, direct communication with customers, geo-targeting marketing, increased customer loyalty, better customer engagement, improved visibility, and much more.

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