What Does Your Wedding Band Say About Your Relationship?

A wedding band is the most important piece of jewels that you adorn for the entire life. It is a representation of the eternal unification of two souls. Many people agree that finding the right wedding ring is just like finding the right partner. Often couples have a tough time finding a quality wedding band for their big day. Enumerable varieties and styles make the choice even more perplexing.

According to traditional beliefs, an endless circle represents endless love between two people. People wear the band on the third finger of the left hand. It is said that the vein in this finger carries blood straight to your heart, thus creating a lifelong connection.

Interestingly, your wedding ring is not just a piece of jewels, it says a lot about your relationship. Having a little insight into the meaning can help you pick the right wedding band.

  • Bright yellow gold

A traditional yellow gold is the most common choice for a wedding band. Its bright color gives it a luxurious look and makes sure that your ring stands out no matter what other jewelry you wear. It is the most popular choice owing to its simplicity and affordability. The ring depicts a strong and sorted relationship. It reflects that you have simple and clear ideas about the way you wish to carry your relationship.

  • Solitaire diamonds

This popular engagement ring gem is also a common choice for a wedding ring. A sparkling diamond with sharp beautifully crafted cuts attracts the attention of many couples. With increasing varieties in design and rates, it has found a place in common personal choices. A diamond symbolizes elegance and strength in a relationship. This choice makes it clear that your relationship is simple and solid, free from all fuzz and bothering.

  • Color splashes

Wedding bands have evolved a lot over time. Adding a splash of colors has also become a popular fashion. However, the color you choose is a potential doorway into your personality and perception of a relationship. Some common colors are green, red, pink, dark blue, and turquoise. These colors reflect different shades of personality and relations that are earthy, vibrant, and active, romantic, intuitive, and creative respectively.

  • Family heirloom

If you choose a wedding band that is passed on in your family as an heirloom, it shows your devotion to the family and heritage. It is a beautiful fusion of traditions into your modern lifestyle. It shows how much you value raising a family and symbolizes a deep connection that is way beyond a ceremony or a certificate.

  • Titanium

Out of several metals, you can choose for your wedding band, titanium is among the most impressive ones. It gives a traditional and elegant appearance to your ring like gold and depicts a rock-solid bond between you and your partner. Titanium reflects that the person wearing it is strong and is not easily perturbed or rattled by the challenges life brings on its way.

  • Multiple stones

Multiple stones is an interesting choice for a wedding band. It shows that you are a complex person and have many facets to your relationship. Multiple stones depict that you look for several ways to demonstrate your love for your life partner. Such people have an interesting and exciting relationship and prefer to keep it spark on for eternity.


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