What is a brokerage company? How can brokers help you?

A brokerage company is a financial institution that allows the traders and investors of the stock market to buy and sell financial securities. To perform or carry out any type of contract in stock market two parties are needed and these are buyer and seller.  In other words a broker works as an intermediate between seller and that of buyer and enables them to trade on different financial securities. In the return brokerage firm gets compensation in the practice of commission or fees once the transaction is done.

Types of brokers available

There are mainly two types of broker’s namely traditional brokers and discount brokers. Speaking about traditional brokers or better known as that of full-service brokers, these are the oldest brokers in the stock market.  These brokers generally undertake more than just acting as an intermediary to carry out the trading process. There tasks  also encompass proper researching of stock market to offer the essential recommendations to stock market players as well. Mostly these types of firms offer margins loans apart from that of a certain client to buy investment on credit that would be subjected to vital terms and conditions.

On the other hand, there are discount brokers or also known as online brokers. These brokers charge the client comparatively much low then traditional brokers. The reason behind this low commission charge is that these fellows have their clients carry out trade through the procedure of automated, computerized trading system rather than having a proper stock broker with them to help with trading procedure. You can even visit the Top Discount Broker for your tasks. Anyhow, the mechanism that these brokers make use to offer such low-cost service is that the professionals carry out orders only a few times in a day. They initially blend orders that are getting generated by a large number of tiny investors into one block trades that are created at some specific times of a day. Have a look at some of the perks of discount brokers below:

  • Discount broker does not offer trading recommendations but they permit trading process for a smaller commission than a traditional broker.
  • Traders or investors in stock market who buy and sell financial securities via discount brokers do save a huge capital on transactions and commission that leave them with extra capital that can further get used to perform a trade and earn wonderful returns.
  • Mostly investors are required to hold their position for a long duration of time then it is needed in real time. They do it just to compensate huge commission. Rarely discount brokers push particular stocks just to earn the higher commission.
  • Discount brokers also offer education tools, apart from, assisting investors and traders make a sound and productive investment decision.
  • These individuals offer a time-saving approach to trading by enabling investors to perform trading with an automated trading platform.


Thus, whether you choose to work with full-service brokers or discount brokers; you have to make sure that you pick them after a proper research about their reputation and way of working.


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