Why Do I Need To Use A Sulfate Free Shampoo?

There’s a craze going about these days about using sulfate free shampoo. How many of us know the truth behind it? Is it at all scientifically relevant and is there any basis to these claims?

Well, there is! The time has come when we should start using sulfate free shampoos if we want to look after your hair’s health. But first we need to understand the basic concept behind these shampoos, and then, we can decide for yourselves whether to use a sulfate free one.

What are sulfates?
Sulfates are compounds, generally either Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These compounds are found most commonly in the shampoos that we find in the market these days. So, if people are asking us to use a sulfate free shampoo then why do they make ones with sulfates? Well, the answer lies in the property of sulfates. These compounds are responsible for creating the bubbles that pop up when one uses a shampoo. These are also found in shops and face washes. These bubbles help in trapping the dirt particles that stick on the skin and clears them. Sulfates also have an additional quality of being able to wash off that extra oil or grease from your hair or face.

But, then suddenly how did sulfates become bad?
Well, recent findings and experiments have shown that sulfates are very harsh on your skin and hair. They will leave your hair dry and frizzy and take out the moisture from it. It directly affects the skin of your scalp and hence might result in irritations. They can even cause scalp eczema. The fact is that sulfates attacks directly the root of the hair follicles and hence weakens them. This might also result in a general decrease of the growth of hair. So, in the long run, sulfates are actually not so good for your hair!

What are the benefits of using a sulfate free shampoo?
Sulfate free shampoos do not cause the same harm as the ones with the sulfate do. They are much gentler on the scalp and hence do not take away the life and bounce of your hair. It helps in retaining moisture as well. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of using a sulfate free shampoo:

• First and foremost, a shampoo without sls will help in curing all your scalp and skin irritations that you might have. It is gentle in its approach and hence helps in keeping your scalp skin free from irritation.
• If you are suffering from a lot of hair fall and premature thinning, then you need to start using a sulfate free shampoo.
• Sulfate free shampoos help in retaining the color of your hair. So, if you have dyed or colored your hair recently, the better option would be to go for sulfate free shampoos.
• The most important benefit of using sulfate free shampoo is that they help in maintaining the texture and quality of your hair, in a natural way.

These are the reasons as to why we should stop using sulfate shampoos and instead opt for ones that don’t!

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