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Why Eating Meat Makes you Feel Better

Vegetarians should stay way because this post is not for you guys.  After long office hours, you feel a string crave for a greasy burger and after satisfying your appetite you feel like a conqueror.  

People who tend to choose a plant-based diet plan feels like they are on the right path of humanity and feels like they are no longer contributing to the cruelty of slaughtering animals. Their digestion gets improved and some of them start to lose weight faster. But months later they start to develop health issues like their energy gets depleted. They struggle with even simple tasks and the deficiency of vitamins like vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin A and D can make you weak and flimsy. Though you may overcome these symptoms at some level with supplements no one can deny intrinsic body signals and nothing can compare with natural building blocks of protein which are essential for body development. Besides building necessary amino acids, the regular consumption of meat makes you feel good and here are some reasons why it is so.

Nutritional Value

To build every cell in your body, it needs to consume essential amino acids. Meat source vitamin B12,along with other vitamins and mineralswhich are imperative to stay healthy.It is easy to absorb these as compared to the plant-based sources.

For high-quality protein, consider meat as your foremost priority. There are several myths associated with meat consumption. Some believe that our body has the limited ability of absorbing meat. However, the truth is, our body can utilize the additional proportions of meat and convert it into fats.

Meat also sources iron. The deficiency of iron is a major dilemma these days.  Many kids and adults are getting weak due to reduced levels of iron in their bodies and it’s a major public health concern.  Red meat contains massive proportions of iron which are easy to absorb. The iron that is acquired from plant-based sources has lower biological value. Vitamin B12 acquired mainly from meat allows smooth digestion of food and increase energy levels in the body.

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Makes your belly full for long

It takes longer to digest the meat-based protein as compared to other food items. Breaking down the amino acids takes longer as amino acids have to first reach to the liver than they start fueling your body. Amino acids are known for building each cell in your body.

Fuel for your brain

Not only meat consumption can make your muscles strong but it is essential for your brain also. The neurotransmitters that have a job to send and receive body signals get powered up by meat consumption. The imbalance in neurotransmitters results in several mental health issues that include anxiety and depression. The amino acids are responsible for producing dopamine and serotonin. The deficiency of these chemicals results in most mental health problems. The meat assists in developing those amino acids, hence you will experience improved appetite, sleep, memory, mood, and balanced body temperature. 

You might gain some weight

Red meat is loaded with calories, as you reduce the daily intake of calories, eventually you will start losing weight. The meat should be consumed according to the body requirements. As most meats of meat are abundant in protein, that is more than the actual body requirements, so they need to be replaced by consuming other protein sources that incorporate fewer calories. 

You will acquire good proportions of zinc

Zinc plays an important role to regulate cellular metabolism. Also, zinc is crucial for skin health. The deficiency of zinc could lead you to the reduced ability to smell and taste. Your body is not able to store zinc so a regular consumption is fundamental. The poultry and red meat source excellent proportions of zinc. Eating a huge proportion of meat is also not recommended at all as many heart diseases are linked to increased meat consumption. So, try to limit the consumption of processed meat and incorporate unprocessed meat into your diet plan. So, when you are ready for your weekly grocery shopping, do consider adding meat in your shopping list.

Final Words

If you are shifting from a vegetarian-based diet to meat and dairy-based then it is going to be difficult to maintain. Start by limiting your intake that is once a month or so. People who are suffering from heart problems or having diabetes should stay away from meat. 

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