10 Most Beautiful Rakhis You Can Consider For Your Brother

Raksha Bandhan is the festival that symbolizes the love between siblings where the sister ties a beautiful rakhi to their brother or Bhaiya Bhabhi and Raksha Bandhan is considered to be the most important festival that is celebrated in all cultures, and it holds much inheritance. The festival also enlightens childhood memories with a lot of shopping for gifts and sweets. And more importantly, you can find all the beautiful collections of rakhis for your brother or even for your children on the online platforms.

Here are the ten different types of unique rakhis to make it easier for you to choose the best one:

1. Silver rakhis

Silver rakhis are not only gratifying by their looks, but they also make up great traditional rakhis and fusion rakhis. There are many options and designs available in silver rakhi, so it depends on the type of rakhi you choose according to your preferences.

2. Gold rakhis 

Gold rakhis are a statement in themselves and are considered to be the best rakhis. Gold symbolizes prosperity in our culture. It is used in almost every religious ceremony, so if you are going to get a gold rakhi, you don’t need to worry about finding the right design. There are many options available online.

3. Cartoon rakhis

Cartoon Rakhis are very popular among kids; You can get many designs in rakhi for kids and characters like Doremon, Chota Bheem, Spiderman, Pikachu, which are loved by kids.

4. Photo rakhis

These are rakhis with a round shape for a small picture that you can put in yourself. Many websites provide you with the option to upload an image so that they will put it on the rakhi; these rakhis not only look fantastic, but they convey an emotional attachment that you put into the rakhi for the person.

5. Lumba rakhis

These rakhis were initially introduced in Rajasthan. These rakhis are aesthetically pleasing and come in gorgeous colors and designs, so if you are looking to buy a rakhi for your sister-in-law, these are the rakhis that you should buy for her. They are pretty fascinating in looks as they have small mirrors, danglers, and even sequins in them.

6. Designer and fancy rakhis

With technological advancement, the rakhis design formation has taken place. So there are a lot of designer and fancy rakhis available on the online platform that you can easily buy. There is a wide range of available designs and some so good that you would be mesmerized by their beauty.

7. Pearl rakhis

Pearl rakhis are becoming more popular; you can find many pearl rakhis in your online stores, which depicts calmness and security to your brother. So you can go for an elegant pearl rakhi this year.

8. Kundan rakhis

Kundan Rakhis has been the “traditional” go-to option for rakhis for a long time, and they are prevalent, so the possibility of finding unique designs is endless.

9. Metal rakhis

Metals are considered to be a protection from evil. This type of rakhi provides a lot of flexibility in design. If you are going for a durable rakhi with a solid structure, go for this one. They also look exclusive.

10. Jewelry rakhis

Jewelry rakhis are a great way to show the love that you have for your brother; your brother can even wear them as an accessory. Though this is on the expensive side, they are worth all the money and show uniqueness.

So make your choice wisely and select the perfect rakhi for your dearest brother, this Raksha Bandhan.

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