Happy & Healthy Periods: Is Exercising Is Good & Safe During Periods?

Are you already feeling pain in your stomach hearing the word ‘exercise’? Please do not worry as exercises during periods are not harmful but beneficial. How? Well, women do suffer from bloating, fatigue, indigestion, head pain, and many more. These are the side-effects of periods. Light exercises help you to get rid of these side effects during menstruation. Not only has this but enhanced your health fitness too.

What is the myth regarding workouts during periods?

Many women work out all through the year but avoid it during periods. Because they fear that exercising during periods can harm their health, but this is a myth only.

But in reality, they must come out of their myth and enjoy the enormous benefits of light workouts during periods. If you are not aware of those benefits, the following content has the answer.

What benefits can you expect from exercises during periods?

There is no doubt that exercises are great for boosting both mental and physical health. This fact is actual during periods too.

Because during periods, light exercises encourage the energy level and your comfort feeling. How? The workouts help balance the level of estrogen and progesterone hormones.

So no more distractions from your usual activities during periods with the prescribed exercises for your period timing.

Yes, friends, not all the exercises are meant for you during periods. The activities have been discussed in the latter part of the blog.

What type of exercises should you choose to do during your periods?

Never go for exercises that involve heavy weights because you bleed heavily that time. Instead, opt for activities that are of less intensity. What about slow walking practice or light cardio exercises! You can also choose a strength-building workout that involves low intensity. If you want to practice Pilates or yoga, start from the third day of your period.

You must be interested to know the benefits of performing these exercises mentioned above during periods. It has been explained as under.

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Why go for low-volume exercises during periods?

  1. Enhanced energy and strength

The women who undergo the lightweight exercises during the first two weeks of their periods feel refreshed and strong. So it would be best if you also tried it out.

  1. Rectifies mood fluctuations

During periods, you often feel low in mood and anxiety. But practicing lightweight exercises can help you overcome mood fluctuations during periods.

So not only headache, back pain but these exercises can also make you feel happy and energetic during periods.

  1. Increased endorphin levels

During periods, the pain is generally due to lower endorphins in the body. But if you practice the light exercises during menstruation, you can notice an upliftment of mood as the endorphin level increases.


We have tried to educate you about the benefits of exercising light during your periods. The moral of the story is to continue exercising but under low pressure during periods. If you have liked this blog and gained valuable insights, please share them with others.

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