10 Real Life Indian Heroes And Their Unsung Stories

Lessons and moral values play an inherent role in our lives. We should try to instill in us the qualities of selflessness since our childhood. Our Indian heroes have set innumerable milestones for us. All we need is to follow them. Saving lives is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot of courage. In our rich Indian history, there are many men and women who have significantly contributed to the betterment of society. Therefore, it is our duty to recognize their acts of kindness. It is very essential for every Indian to know about those few people who never gave up. We Indians, keep motivating and inspiring and that is exactly the reason why we are loved across continents.

Let us talk about those unsung heroes who deserve a lot more than a mere appreciation.


  1. Irom Chanu Sharmila: She is an Anti-AFSPA crusader who is believed to be on a fast since 2000. She is a complete blend of resilience. It has raised its voice against the armed Forces Special Rights Act. Till now, she hasn’t received any feedback from the government.
  2. Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw: He is one of those finest army officers, which India ever witnessed in its history. He was against our Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s decision to go to war. Manekshaw claimed that the army wasn’t ready at all. A few days later, he with the help of other army officers captured the ports of Karachi and Lahore. He was a fearless leader and therefore, deserves a lot of appreciation.
  3. Ajit Doval: He is currently working as a National Security Advisor. In addition to this, he is also a retired IPS officer. He is known to be a super spy who had served as an undercover agent in Lahore for more than 7 years. The Devil did an impeccable job of bringing back 45 Indian nurses who were captured by ISIS. His achievements are inspiring as well as captivating.
  4. Vikram Batra: Vikram got martyred while serving the nation. He died while saving another soldier’s life. A film was earlier made, but it failed to portray the life of Sir Vikram effectively. It is because of their continuous efforts, we enjoy our lives. Wars are nothing but a bloody, gory display of false brutal action where children become orphans, wives become widows, and mothers lose their son.
  5. Rukhsana Kausar: The Indian girls and women are not at all weak. They are fierce as well as intelligent in making strategies during wars, emergencies, and so on. She is a total mixture of courage and bravery. One day, Taiba militants invaded her home and asked her parents to hand over their daughter, Rukhsana. Her family was being atrociously attacked by the invaders. She was quick enough to hit the LeT commander from behind. She used an ax to do so. Very quickly, she took the AK-47 and started firing at the remaining invaders.
  6. Anandibai Joshi: Breaking all the patriarchal norms, she became the first woman doctor from India. During the 1860s, it was very difficult for a woman to pursue education. She not only pursued general education, but also became a doctor. Moreover, she was married at the age of 9. But she was stubborn to fulfill her dreams. She was lucky enough to get a liberal husband who helped her a lot to become a doctor. She proved that dedication can make you achieve everything you are dreaming of.
  7. Mamta Rawat: Mamta saved thousands of lives during the Uttarakhand Flood. Seeing her home, washed away did not lower her spirits. She carried an elderly back to the terrain. In addition to this, she saved the lives of thirty school going students. She did this all alone and waited for none. She possesses a quality that can be matched by none.
  8. Arunima Sinha: Arunima was a national level volleyball player. She never expected that life would become so challenging for her. While she was traveling by train, some thieves attacked her. During the hustle, the thieves pushed her. As a result, 49 carriages ran over her legs. Ultimately, she lost her legs. This incident did not lower her spirits and courage. A few years back, she climbed the tallest peak in the world. This makes her so different and courageous.
  9. Purna Malavath: She belonged from a Dalit family and climbed Everest. By doing this, she broke all types of stereotypes. It was very difficult as well as tedious for her to climb the tallest peak without any proper training. Finally, with the help of a veteran mountain climber, she achieved her dream. She was able to do so only because of her hard work and dedication. She was unbothered by the negative souls around and that really prompted her to climb Everest.
  10. Ritu Biyani: Ritu Biyani suffered from Breast Cancer. But that did not demotivate or lowered her feelings and spirits. After her long-drawn struggle, she started the initiative of educating women about breast cancer. In her sessions, she talks about the repercussions faced by a woman during breast cancer stages. She is working hard to educate more women.


The above-stated people must be known worldwide for their efforts and journeys. Movies must be made for them so as to inspire the whole nation. They are true mentors whose struggles will keep our spirits high forever.


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