12 super tips to remove grease & food stains from table linens

Food and grease stains happen no matter how careful you are. Not only they look awful when collected on tablecloths and napkins but give peculiar and unlikely smell if left dirty for longer. This is the reason you should always wash or wipe table linens after every meal.

For stains that have set deeper into the fabric and harder to remove, you need patience and a bit of extra elbow-grease for spotless results. Here’s how to remove grease stains from clothes specific to the dining and kitchen table linens!

The pre-treatment techniques

  1. Gently scrape off caked food debris with a butter knife. Just be careful not to ruin that lovable hand-me-down linen!
  2. Once finding all the stains on each piece, here’s what you should do collectively; spray an enzyme, petroleum-based pre-treatment product or cast undiluted detergent directly on the stain. Gently rub the fabric and let the material absorbs into the fibres. Leave it intact for more or less 15 minute.
  3. Fill the kitchen sink or a bucket with hot water and mix enzyme, heavy-duty or alkaline detergent. Dunk the table linens into the washer.
  4. Keep the linens soaked up for at least eight hours or overnight.
  5. Now, wash as recommended either in a washing machine or by hand with luke-warm water.
  6. Once washed, carefully look for persisting stains and repeat the same steps from the start. When cleaned, hang the linens outside to dry in natural sunlight and air.
  7. Apply fabric conditioner to the linens once cleaned to enhance stain resistance factor as well as reducing possible static.

Grease busting methods

  1. Squirt grease-fighting dish detergent directly on the stain once you scraped off food debris and massage the stained area between the fabric’s fold.
  2. Leave it intact for more or less 15-20 minutes as it extracts the stain.
  3. Next step is washing the linens in either washing machine or manually keeping the water temperature luke-warm for better results.
  4. Carefully check the table linens and napkins for possible stains and in case they persist, repeat the process unless the marks are completely removed.
  5. Dry the linens by exposing them to natural sunlight and air or you may dry them in a washing machine’s dryer system but don’t forget putting in a fabric softener or dryer sheet.

Tips & precautions

  • Add one to two teaspoons of baking soda to the wash cycle that’ll surely rid old food and grease stains
  • For fresh stains, apply talcum powder, corn-starch or baking soda directly on the spot and soak in hot water. Stains are likely to break so it’ll be easier for you to clean.
  • Avoid drying the cloth napkins and tablecloths in a high-heat setting or else food and grease stains would set in even deeper.


The above details clearly states how to remove grease stains from clothes, kitchen linens in actual without ruining the quality of the fabric. View More: https://www.cleanipedia.com/me-en/laundry-washing/how-to-remove-grease-stains-from-clothes 


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