Motorcycle Batteries

5 Best Motorcycle Batteries

If you own a motorcycle, you’ll probably have to replace the battery at some point. While you can always grab the first battery you see at the auto parts store, it’s better to put some thought into your motorcycle’s components whether you’re purchasing a battery or Mikuni carburetor. Here are the five best motorcycle batteries you can buy.

  1. BikeMaster TruGel Battery

BikeMaster outdid themselves when they created the TrueGel motorcycle battery. The innovative product lasts twice as long as a standard battery and provides higher cranking amps, thanks to its unique gel electrolyte composition. It works better than a wet battery at both high and low temperatures.

  1. Yuasa Maintenance Free VRLA Battery

Want a battery that requires minimal maintenance and holds a longer charge than most? Yuasa’s Maintenance Free VRLA Battery lasts up to three times longer than standard motorcycle batteries. It also offers exceptional vibration resistance and a spill-proof design.

  1. BikeMaster Maintenance Free VRLA Battery

BikeMaster’s Maintenance Free VRLA Battery never needs refilling and is one of the most stress-free batteries you can buy. It’s completely sealed for safety and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Once the battery is activated, you will need to charge it during prolonged periods in storage.

  1. Yuasa High Performance Maintenance Free Battery

The Yuasa High Performance Maintenance Free VRLA Battery has a spill-proof design and an exceptionally long life when compared to standard batteries. Its 12 volts and 1.4 amps pack a lot of power and discharge less when in standby mode so you have reliable power even after a long winter season.

  1. BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery 

The AGM Platinum II Battery from BikeMaster uses electrolyte-capturing Absorbed Glass Mat technology to ensure higher performance and a longer storage life than wet batteries. It’s also permanently sealed, which means you won’t need to add water.

Keep in mind that these batteries come in various sizes, so you’ll need to choose the size that’s right for your motorcycle. Purchase your preferred battery along with other OEM motorcycle parts that will keep your bike looking good and running smoothly.

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