5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Periods (Menstrual Cycle)

Tracking the menstrual cycle is very important to lead a healthy life. Because the significant health issues of a woman get traced with the irregularities of the period. Not only health issues but stains are also a big problem of irregular periods. The stains, along with the odor, make you feel uncomfortable. But you can avoid such issues if you start maintaining a record of your period timing. Tracking your periods involves several reasons.

The reasons for which you must not forget to keep track of your records:

1. Mood changing symptoms

During periods, your body experiences several hormonal disbalances. Among them, depression, stress disturbs a lot. So are you able to find any similarities with you? Then you must make efforts to keep your nerves cool at that time and plan your activities accordingly. With the track of your periodical cycle, you can handle these sorts of hormonal changes efficiently.

2. Secured pregnancy

You must use period trackers so that you can avoid the time of your periods to conceive. In addition, gynecologists sometimes asks the date of your period to guide your pregnancy accordingly. As a result, the chances of your safe and pre-planned conceiving get increased.

3. Helpful in avoiding unwanted pregnancy

Are you interested to know about your fertility time? Yes, it is possible to a great extent if you track your menstrual dates every month. Suppose you have planned about the time of getting pregnant. So try to avoid intimacy during the time of your period. Otherwise, it may lead to unwanted pregnancy.

4. Avoid future health problems

You may have noticed doctors prescribing medicines for irregular periods. Unwanted or unexpected diseases are the reasons behind it. Yes, the irregular periods may be a sign of any health problem you are currently passing or may suffer in the future.

If you avoid tracing your periods, you may remain unaware of your diseases. And may not be able to correctly answer all the questions of your doctor.

But tracking of your periodical cycle can help you get indicated about the disease if there is any.

5. Well-awareness of your periodical cycle

You have to remain well-informed about the timings of your period. If you track your periods, you can understand whether it is irregular or regular in your case. If it is inconsistent, do not avoid taking corrective actions immediately.

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Benefits of tracking your periods:

● Overall you can remain fit and healthy with your period tracking habit.

● Understand the pattern of your period cycle.

● Informs you about your sex drive.

● Mood detection and management are possible.

● Correct timing of ovulation is known to you.


We have tried to get you informed about the necessities of tracking your periods. However, if you choose to use any period trackers, you must look out for the best one because it is concerned with your health after all.

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