5 Tips To Clean Hard-To-Reach Areas In Your Home

It is quite a rewarding experience when you see how bright and dust-free your home is after you clean. However, you know that there are some spots you could not clean because they’re so difficult to reach. The tops of fan blades, the tops of door frames, and the hidden nooks of storage rooms are just a few of the places where a regular cleaning routine is likely to be overlooked. If you leave these areas dirty, your cleaning routine will be incomplete, and the dirt will spread to other regions of the house. In such a situation, you will need to hire professional cleaning services Montreal .

How to clean these areas

Cabinet tops

If the cabinets are mounted on the wall, you may not be able to see their tops very easily. Such spaces collect a lot of dust if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Wipe clean the cabinet tops with a disposable duster with an extendable handle regularly. You can also use a cleaning cloth, cleaning solution, and a stool to reach the cabinet top in this region. It’s important to have someone nearby when using a stool or ladder in case you need assistance.

Sliding door or shower door tracks

Cleaning door tracks attract a lot of dirt and dust. Your vacuum’s crevice tool might be the greatest cleaning tool for these. To get into the nooks and crannies of the track, use a flexible but stiff bristle brush soaked in a mix of warm water and a multi-purpose household cleanser after vacuuming the tracks to remove any dry dust and debris. After you’ve cleaned away the grime, wipe away any leftovers with a damp microfiber cloth. If you lack the equipment or time to clean, you can always hire a house cleaning service.

Refrigerator coils

Refrigerator coils clogged with dust and dirt increase your utility bills and cause your refrigerator to run inefficiently. The coils that condense and cool the refrigerant can be found on the back or underneath the appliance. Simply roll out the refrigerator and vacuum away dust from the back coils with the vacuum upholstery brush attachment. Unsnap the ventilated grill on models with coils on the bottom. To eliminate dust and debris, use a long-handled stiff brush and your vacuum’s crevice tool.

Dishwasher filter

Cleaning the filter of your dishwasher regularly is a good way to eliminate odours as well as improve the machine’s efficiency. Empty the dishwasher and remove the bottom rack when cleaning and easy. To clean around the area, use a moist, soft cloth. Some filters can only be lifted rather than removed, so clean underneath the lid. If your filter is removable, remove it and soak it in warm soapy water before wiping it clean with a soft cloth.

Ceiling fans and light fixtures

To effectively clean your ceiling fan, use a disposable duster with an extendable handle. Instead of a feather duster, you should use something that captures and locks the dirt on the duster itself. To thoroughly clean your fan blades, you’ll need a ladder and a microfiber rag moistened with an all-purpose cleaner. After you’ve secured your ladder, wipe away any debris and dust that has gathered on your fan blades using the pre-moistened rag. Keep in mind that ceiling fans aren’t particularly sturdy, so use caution when applying pressure.

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