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A Brief Look on the Match Details Between Venezuela And Uruguay

Next to World Copa America , Portugese and Spanish brings in the largest soccer events with the ultimate glamour touching the heart of the entire audience. People from all over the World are getting excited with this tournament supporting their favorite teams that’s making Copa International a memorable one. Among the 10 U.S. Cities Copa is one of the cities hosting matches with millions of international fans that’s their main inspiration. Many people from different parts of the World came at Copa to join the audience that would enhance the overall charm of the matches making the event more especial.Security was made tighter to handle thousands of people who came to the town to watch the Thursday night’s match Uruguay Vs Venezuela. Everyone was waiting eagerly to experience the thrill of the match where no one can go for prediction with both the teams being extremely strong.

The entire audience was eager to know which team would be able to grab the victory creating a new history in the world of soccer games. More than 50,000 fans were expected for this game with high officers coming to the place attending the match. Few months back, after heavy explosions due to terrorist attacks in Paris. Just two weeks before a stadium in England was made vacant after the authority discovered a suspicious device. Therefore, security played the most important role here due to which the entire match ultimately became successfully.

Moreover, organizers were not accepting any type of bags through the ring using metal detector at the Linc. Instead, clean empty plastic bags were given to everyone for individual use. This was not a problem as fans were much more interested for the match supporting their teams. Blas Rodriguez  who came from Margarita, Venezuela said “Our team has to be getting better, like the last years. Our team is way better right now than before.” On the other hand, Elaine Rodriguez of East Orange, New Jersey said “It’s Uruguay.”

Finally, all tensions came to an end and Venezuela snatched the victory from Uruguay beating them at 1-0. The next game would be played between United States and Paraguay at 7PM. So, it was a complete successful match with tight security revealing the capability of the authority handling the situation efficiently. Overall, Copa International is becoming a big event just after World Cup where people from every part of the World are showing interest.

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