Battery Saving In Marshmallow

Are you become very much frustrated by your mobile’s battery life? Is your mobile’s battery drowning very fast? If you are facing all these problem then now you not need to worry. A new OS version of Android “Marshmallow” solves your entire problem.

Marshmallow introduced new and the most interesting features which is known as “Doze”. It is the best battery-saving feature which automatically cuts off non-frequently used background apps and functions which are continuously using your mobile battery life and reducing your battery power consumption while on standby to the lowest possible levels. This feature gave guarantees that your phone will make through a full day comfortably. There is no similar app like Doze in earlier versions of Android. As such, it is not an app, it is built into the system, so there is no need to be ported across. But that is not to say that you cannot get equivalent tools to this app. One of the best apps to save your mobile battery is Deep Sleep Battery Saver. This app is available from the Play Store with free and Pro versions. We will use the latter, as it is configurable. It not only works on rooting device, but also work on those devices which are non-rooted, and even those devices which are using the Xposed Framework. There is no need to say that you get more features and greater control in the latter cases. In this article we will look at the full Xposed option and also looks how to configure it so that is giving you a best result. Yours mobile battery ready to use All-day after a few clicks away. We hope this app gave best battery life experience

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1) Set up the app

First Install the Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro (DSBS) app from the Play Store. Launch it and granted it to the root privileges. If you already installed the Xposed Framework, then you also need to activate DSBS within that and  after that reboot your phone.

2) Choose a profile

To configure this app, start by selecting a profile. There are six options from Off (the app does nothing) to Slumberer (it will shut off all idle tasks and functions when the screen is turned off). There is also an option to custom create your own profile.

3) Tweak your settings
Select Custom option from the list. Work through the list of sub-options: Frequency option is how often the phone wakes from a deep sleep (less often extends battery life), and Duration option is how often it will remain awake to allow your apps to sync.

 4) Set up a whitelist

The whitelist option allows you to choose which apps are unaffected by DSBS. By default, all the apps will be closed. But if you want to allow some app continue running in the background (because you are listening to it), add it to the whitelist.

5) Final fine-tuning steps

On those devices which are rooted, click the Tune CPU button (which is shown at the bottom of the screen) to power down all but one of your CPU’s cores is off when the display is off and you can also choose which days you want your profile to work by creating different options for weekdays and weekends.

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