A Step By Step Guide To Display Products On Homepage Magento 2.0

“First impression lasts forever”. For majority of visitors, the homepage is the first point where they within a few seconds determine that whether they would navigate further or not. Thus, it is always advisable to make the storefront as aesthetically appealing as possible. In fact, most of the Magento developers recommend creating a homepage that reflects the niche to maximize conversion rates and revenue.

One of the best ways to attract users to your homepage is by displaying flashy and unique looking products but the question is how? Well, you can definitely seek help from a prominent Magento ecommerce development company or keep reading the post that shows how to display products in homepage Magento 2.0. Why Magento 2.0, you may ask? Magento 2.0 provides a wide range of widget option through which a developer can easily add dynamic content like specific category, new products, etc.

There are mainly two types of products which can be shown on the homepage:-

  • Products from specific category
  • Show recently added products

Products from specific category :

In order to show products ranging from a specific category, first a Magento e-commerce developer needs to login to the admin panel of the e-commerce store and go to Content → Pages located on the left side of the webpage. Navigate to select and click to edit from the Home Page’s dropdown as shown in the below image.

product specific

Now go to the content section and click on insert widget option from the editor. After that, select catalog products list from the widget type options and provide all the necessary information according to your need. At the end of this page, you will find a condition attribute, select category from the options and choose the category which you want to show on the homepage of your store. Then insert widget. Don’t forget to click on the save option.

Show recently added products-

recently addedIn order to show recently added products on the homepage, click insert widget option again from the editor. After this select Catalog new product list from the widget type options available and provide all the details according to your need.

Why Should A Magento Development Company Migrate To Magento 2.0?

In 2015, Magento announced the new 2.0 platform for enterprise and community editions. Although Magento 1 was built as a flexible platform on which users can create stores incorporating a variety of functions using pre-made extensions or by utilizing their coding chops. And maybe this is the reason why Magento development is so popular.

Unfortunately, focusing more on flexibility couldn’t make the platform user-friendly, high performing platform. As a few important tools were missing such as performance optimization, mobile-responsiveness, and admin capabilities. After upgrading to Magento 2.0, most of the Magento developers could compete with top platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Other interesting benefits offered by Magento 2.0 were:-

Improved performance- In comparison to Magento 1, 2.0 version runs an average of 20% faster which encourages more sales and increase website search engine optimization. Besides, it can also better handle many catalog pages without slowing down which eventually makes Magento 2.0 more scalable for large stores and able to grow with an online business.

User-friendly checkout- The checkout process in Magento 2.0 is more streamlined, making it quicker and easier for customers to go from cart to completed order. It is highly customizable and requires least amount of steps as well as customer information.

Key integrations- Most of the Magento development companies believe that the upgraded extension integrates lots and lots of popular extensions so that Magento stores can be operated with better functionality. It may quite interest you to know that there are also integrations with wordplay and cybersource to increase payment security.

Final thoughts

A customized homepage is one of the most important aspects of the overall store promotion strategy as it helps in boosting the sales of the products. After going through the tutorial, I am sure you must be now able to add products to the homepage of your Magento 2.0.

Keep watching the space to know more regarding Magento development!

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