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Advantage of Hiring a Sanitizing Company for Office Disinfection Service

It’s really tough to fight against an invisible enemy, especially a virus like COVID-19 whose existence was unknown to the world even 6 months ago. The world is virtually under lockdown ever since this new type of highly contagious novel coronavirus has been detected in the human body spreading like a wildfire and killing thousands of people every day. Sill now, there is no vaccine or medicine is available for this deadly virus. As a result, all economic activities have been stopped across the globe. Offices are closed, factories are closed, shops are closed, transportation of goods and passengers are halted, and international flights are stopped. But the question is how long we can remain idle? The wheel of the economy needs to be activated to feed billions of people and their families; we have to start cleaning and sanitizing everything we use.  We have to do it ourselves or call the office sanitization company having experience in office and all other types of sanitization work.

How to keep an office sanitized?

According to cleaning and sanitization experts, office space including the board room, training room, conference room, waiting room for visitors, canteen, and operation rooms should be cleaned and sanitized every morning before the employees occupy their spaces. Right now, as there is a serious threat of COVID-19 looming large across the country, the sanitization of office space should be a daily duty.

Office sanitization is a tricky job. This you must keep in mind – cleaning and sanitizing are not the same thing. You can clean a table just by dusting it or clean a doorknob wiping it with a wet cloth but that doesn’t sanitize those parts.

For sanitization, it’s always feasible to employ a sanitizing company that will send expert cleaners daily or as per agreement and provide all necessary guidelines to the in-house cleaning staff members. Varieties of sanitizing solutions are available in the market. You have to keep stock of an effective solution depending on the number of users of the office space and average visitors who are not your staff.

Remember –

  • If the number of visitors is high, you must have the arrangement of sanitizing the visitors’ space every hour.
  • You have to ensure that every visitor’s hand is properly sanitized and all enter the office premises in masks.
  • Only a few visitors can be allowed on the premises keeping them sufficiently distanced from each other. After a group of visitors complete their job, another group can be allowed.
  • Every office staff should enter the office premises after through sensitization of hand and if possible, their footwear.
  • According to the guidelines of the union health ministry, a sanitization station should be installed at the entry of the office premises.

The disinfectant should be bought after consulting an expert in this field:

  • The most common and effective disinfectant is chlorine that is available in different forms.
  • sodium hydrochlorites or house bleaching powder is the best and inexpensive disinfectant.
  • Bleaching powder solutions under different concentrations are available in the market in different brand names.
  • For floor cleaning, you need a high concentration of the solution while for doorknobs, tabletops, countertops, and other surfaces you need to dilute solution.
  • Apart from chlorine, the other two chemical agents frequently used as a disinfectant are quaternary ammonium compounds commonly called Quats and iodine-based sanitizers.

Office sanitization process – A checklist

Hundreds of different species of microbes grow on the tabletops, countertops, keyboards, computer mouse, fax machine, photocopier, printer, pens, stationeries, and other surfaces that come to human touch constantly. So, office sanitization should be taken seriously:

  • Keep a stock of disinfectants and all cleaning tools.
  • Dedicated cleaning staff members should clean and sanitize the office space from time to time.
  • Doorknobs, steps, and elevators should be cleaned several times a day.
  • The washroom should be cleaned with strong disinfectant 2-3 times a day.
  • Windows should be kept open as much as possible with little or no use of air conditioners right now.

Office disinfection service

Droom offersbGerm Shield which is antimicrobial coating. It’s a high-quality disinfection process for vehicles, elevators, and office spaces that can keep a space germ-free up to 99.99% for three months. Regular cleaning and sanitization along with Droom’s service can help in checking the rapid growth of contagious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

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