Ajay Hooda biography, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

Ajay Hooda was born on 6 October 1983 in Kherwara village of Rohtak district. He is Indian by nationality and Hindu by caste. He is a famous actor and model.

Physical appearance

Ajay Hooda, the famous star of modern age is a handsome man and loved by his fans for his good looks and great personality. His height is 5’7”.This bodyweight is 68kg. The color of his eyes and hair are black

Ajay Hooda Biography

His early life was spent in farming and his father was a soldier in the Indian Army, due to which he passed his 12th standard examination and got his service in the Indian Army. Started serving. Ajay Hooda had the talent to write since childhood and as we told you that Ajay Hooda was serving in the Indian Army, from there he started writing his letters as Ragini and this style was famous in his entire battalion. Done, all the army brothers were writing their letters from Ajay Hooda and Ragani Fauji Bhai songs were also written by them, due to which they decided to join the music line and due to this decision, they left the service of the Indian Army. His famous songs are Me gori Tukala, MokaSoka, Solid body in collaboration with Rohit dahiya, Ulhana, Bhang ka Barota, Boyfriend, jatjatni, Hussanke Bazar.


Ajay Hooda was married at just 18 years old. His wife’s name is Naina Hooda. Ajay Hooda told in the interview that he had written his initial songs for his wife only, although Ajay Hooda was completely treated by his family and wife. Supported. Ajay Hooda is married. His wife’s name is Naina Hooda. Ajay Hooda is currently 38 years old.


Ajay Hooda‘s elder brother introduced him to Manjeet Panchal ji, a well-known artist in the Haryanvi music industry, Manjeet has taught Ajay Hooda all the tricks and even today Ajay Hooda considers Manjeet Panchal as his mentor, Ajay Hooda’s debut album I myself released with the help of money, whose name was Love Guru but his album could not do anything special.

Interesting facts about Ajay Hooda

  • Ajay Hooda was admitted to the Indian Army at the age of 17.
  • Ajay Hooda got married at the age of 18
  • Ajay Hooda started writing lyrics for his wife while in the Indian Army
  • Ajay Hooda has learned all the tricks of art from Manjeet Panchal.
  • Ajay Hooda’s mentor is Manjeet Panchal.
  • 3 songs written by Ajay Hooda have been viewed more than 500 million times on YouTube
  • Dozens of songs written by Ajay Hooda have been quite a hit, which has been heard by All Over India.
  • Ajay Hooda’s hit song This is multi black is very much loved by the audience.


Ajay Hooda Net Worth

Ajay Hooda takes 2 Lakh for each Song. His approximate Networth is 20 Lakh to 30 Lakh

Has there been any controversy about Ajay Hooda in the recent past?

His name has never been involved in any kind of controversy. We have not heard about any affairs of him

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