How To Choose The Perfect Lehenga Color For You

The most significant question to acknowledge before beginning wedding shopping, is “How To Choose The Perfect Lehenga Color For You?”

There are many perspectives to consider before purchasing the bridal lehenga, like type, size, blouse style, design, and the most important question is the color of the lehenga. You may already have the desired color or you may already know which shade looks best on you. We bet that searching for the best wedding lehenga is undoubtedly a task for every bride and it is truly not easy. But, worry not, as we are here to clear all your difficulties. After all, your wedding lehenga is going to be the sole most photographed part of the clothing of your lifetime.

Red is not the only bridal color now and you will be astonished to see how the trends have evolved. The days when brides had only red wedding lehenga in the option are gone. Now, all you lovely ladies have an immense choice of colors like pinks, peach, sea green, sage green, blues, white, ivory, golden, silver, and so on. In fact, with the availability of so many various colors, girls get into confusion because they cannot choose the correct color. Yes, for obvious reasons which is not every color suits every girl and that is the reason we are here to provide you with all the important information that you need to keep in mind while selecting your bridal lehenga color.So what are you waiting for? Just sit down and start taking notes.

Know your skin color

Discovering your skin color is the first step to choosing an excellent lehenga color. Many people do not know their skin tone when questioned. But it is surprisingly easy to figure it out for yourself! Just have a look at the nerves below your wrist, and if they seem blue then you are cool-toned so you can go for colors like pink, green, turquoise, and all shades of red, and if they are greener then you have a warm tone so for that you can pick colors like peach, light gold, tomato red, etc. Warm-toned bodies have extra yellowy skin, and cooler-toned skin is more reddish. Either you are fair, wheatish, or dusky. Know which section you come under, and prefer the lehenga color accordingly.

Choose colors as per the timing of the event

If the wedding or event is programmed for the day then you will look the most striking in lighter colors that look fresh under natural light. Opt for light yellows, blues, pinks, or greens as the key tones in your lehenga or you can pair various light shades collectively for a more interesting look and If it is an evening wedding or celebration, then you should opt for colors that look elegant and opulent under unnatural lighting. Intense reds, greens, and blues are ideal colors for the evening, and lehengas in these colors look remarkably eye-catching and luxurious.

Choose your lehenga color according to the weather

Do keep the weather in mind too because materials like velvet and silk will keep you at a moderate temperature in winters but can make you sweat extensively in the hotter months. We suggest lightweight materials such as chiffon, georgette, crepe, organza, and net for the summers instead of such heavy and warm fabrics.

Whatever color you pick to wear on your big day, we are sure that you will look luminous and beautiful. Make sure your bridal makeup is also performed according to the outfit and your skin tone color, yes definitely it is not mandatory but the identical color compliments your wedding attire.

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