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All You Need To Know About Facebook At Work

By the word social networking the first name to click our mind is ‘Facebook’.It’s a major source of entertainment for people around the world.It has also helped in creating a brand name for many individuals as well as industries too.Most people who do know how to use a computer or a smartphone and have an internet connection have a profile on Facebook.Same as in the entertainment field it has made a massive impact on the business field too.

Facebook plays an important role in business as you can sell or promote your product to a highly targeted audience.Mark Zuckerberg just made online marketing more easier.Facebook At Work is a new platform which is currently a pilot  project in many companies.Apart from the social network connection this is a collaborative tool too.This new platform is meant to meet the demands of the one’s who wants to set up an internal social network.The environment is just simple as the normal Facebook page and does not need any further installation of all-out resource softwares.The ever growing globalization of business means that keeping the employees meaningfully conncted.So with this work place version of Facebook helps in keeping the employees together and dropping of the traditional use of internal email systems.This inturn helps in reducing the need of employees to monitor email traffic.With a Facebook at work account you can interact with coworkers  and the things you share will be private for your employees only.


Facebook At Work has put the ‘social networking Giant’ head-to-head with the competitors like Yammer,Convo etc.But we should keep in mind that Brand name doesn’t matter,take the example of Google Wave.A profile typically includes a photo and relevant employee information, like position and department.Just as you acess your facebook profile u access your employee profile too.With this you can directly communicate with the clients or anyone in your company.

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Online reviews about your firm and product can be handled in a real time chat.’Facebook at work’ litreally tried to eradicate the idea of using e-mails . The possibilities of this new platform are endless. Who would’ve thought Facebook to be an online marketing platform 13 years ago.And the best part is they have already developed  a mobile application for this too.A beta version of the app is already available.

Mark Zuckerberg referred as the ‘social genius’ has created a platform that connected the whole world just in 2 years just from his small room.It has been used for just entertainment in its starting dates.But it didn’t took so long to know the possibilities in marketing.So as he’s coming up with a special idea just for the business point of view we won’t be dissapointed.Anyway, Facebook At Work is definitely ‘the new thing’ that we must reach out for. Give us your feedbacks about the new Facebook At Work beta app in our site.

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