Anavar and its priority for health

Anavar or oxandrolone have been counted on for delivering a good health of those who consumes them. This because of its certain reactivity over the body is misunderstood as a steroid. In varieties of ways it is quite underrated as well as over rated by the users. This considerably is rated to be a milder oral steroid that has a broad usage. But for those who have never taken the steroids would always consider it hard to take on.  Their quality an approval has got them with the best of verse through the Schedule III controlled substance and does lies with a paradox. The priority and its demand make it safe and not more effective through out. But to certain extent it is not really safe.

Dosage priority

For those who are beginners would need to take on 30 mg every day for men first seven days and once you complete with the first week and do want to gain more of bulk can increase the dosage for the next week. With a maximum of anavar dosage for men can safely consume it at 100 mg every day. This is only for the advanced users who are used to the process of stacking. But it is necessary that you need not increase the dosage dramatically during the middle of the cycle.

There is no matter for the dosage you are consuming, just divide it into two and take twice daily with food. Basically there is no rule set for what you need to take and how you need to take it. Because you can take it with water as well as with hot milk as it is a Schedule III controlled substance. There is no objection to the intake of the supplement but you just need to take it with a proportion that would matter to be healthy enough for the body.

Same way for female, it is associated with fat loss and for that the starting dosage must take on with 2.5mg and that would be sufficient. Most of the cycles for women last for 4 to 6 weeks, but since these steroids are pretty mild with a low dosage can be extended to 8 weeks as well. During the period of intake you can couple up to for the first week and then can double it for the next two weeks. Anavar is considered best to be consumed during morning and evening.

Story of origin

This originally came to existence with treating weight loss and even has been preferred for muscle wasting diseases like that of AIDS. Initially when it developed, it was counted with a dosage of 5 – 10 mg a day which consistently gave good results. This indeed is an alkylated dosage which in simple terms means to have been formulated with densifying the bone density and bringing on a change to the body condition with an ease. The effect of it can probably be noticed from the 3rd week of its consumption which is going to act decently and would bring on solid results during its consumption.

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