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Answer To How CBD Relates To Health Leads To Lots Of Other Questions

You may have heard about CBD, which is the short of Cannabidiol, and also about the several health benefits that it can provide. However, you may not know how it really provides that and what the relation between the two is. If you are looking for the answer to it, it will automatically lead to several other questions, the answers to which may be very helpful to know the answers to your top CBD questions.

All these answers will help you to make informed choices while choosing and using a CBD product. You will then be able to gain the maximum benefit from this unique and probably the most powerful plant extract and make your investment worthy.

Reasons for its use

To start with, you must know why and when did humans start using cannabis which is now widely grown by the farmers after it has been legalized by the state laws.

  • Typically, cannabis sativa was one of the original plants cultivated by humans. It was in China where the very first use of cannabis was documented in around 4000 BC.
  • This is a very versatile plant and has several uses. It can be used as food, medicine, industrial fiber, religious and spiritual rituals, and, of course, for recreation.
  • Later, from China, cannabis sativa gradually spread to India and the Arabian Peninsula. Then after it reached Europe when spice trade started. It was due to the European colonization all over the world that the spread and use of cannabis was found in America, Caribbean, and almost everywhere in the world.
  • The use of the plant depends largely on the type and variety of cannabis, how the plant was cultivated and the parts of the plant used.
  • The variety of cannabis also known as hemp was conventionally valued primarily due to its fibers. These fibers have a very high tensile strength which makes it an ideal material for making ropes and textiles.
  • The hemp seeds and sprouts are usually eaten because these are very rich sources of high quality protein. These seeds and sprouts also contain the most beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

However, there is a specific variety of cannabis known as marijuana which is specifically cultivated and known for its euphoric properties as it has THC or Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol. This is a highly concentrated chemical component that is found mostly in the flower buds of the plant.

The unique medical properties of both marijuana and hemp is however recognized fully only recently and is now used for treating different medical conditions and other health benefits.

Difference between hemp and marijuana

It is due to the characteristic difference between hemp and marijuana that has made hemp or CBD a legal product in all fifty states unlike marijuana which is still considered to be illegal to use and possess. You will get different forms of CBD in the market such as oils and water that are ready to use. You may also find KYLÉ CBD pods if you want to use it just like a cigarette and quit smoking for your health reasons.

It is important to know the difference between the two. Ideally, the cannabis sativa has several different alter egos but marijuana and hemp are the two best known ones amongst all.

  • Both these plants look almost the same but their chemical components and composition is quite dissimilar.
  • Typically, the difference between the chemical properties is the result of the difference in the absence or presence of different enzymes in the two types. However, both marijuana and hemp contain a common chemical substance called Cannabigerolor CBGA. This is foundin concentrated form and high amounts in the flower buds of the plant mostly.
  • However, the difference between marijuana and hemp is that marijuana contains a specific enzyme that converts this CBGA to THC. On the other hand the hemp contains a different type of enzyme that converts CBGA to CBD or Cannabidiol.
  • This means that marijuana contains both THC and CBD but hemp usually contains CBD almost exclusively CBD. However, hemp may also contain very low amount of THC which is why it does not make you feel high when you use it much unlike marijuana that contains very high amount of THC.

It is very important for you to remember at this point that, you will get a wide and extensive variety of marijuana and hemp plants but for each type the level of concentrations of THC and CBD will vary significantly.

Those variants that have a very high THC are primarily used for recreational use and alternatively those plants that contain very low amount of THC or no THC at all but instead have a high content of CBD are best for medicinal use. As far as legal classification is concerned, it is only those variants that have less than 0.3% of THC can be legally used for medical reasons and health benefits.

Its effects on health

If you know the difference between THC and CBD you will know how it provides different health benefits. Different scientists have tested various parts of a hemp plant and have found that both THC present in marijuanaand CBD contained in hemp belongs to the specific class of plant chemical compound known as cannabinoids.

In your body there are a lot of different receptors located throughout that receives the cannabinoid compounds. For example:

  • There are special types of CB1 receptors found in your brain as well as your nervous system in very high concentrations.
  • On addition to that, there are CB2 receptors located all throughout your bodybut these receptors are predominantly found in your immune systems as well as in the lower part of your body.

The intoxicating powers of THC act on these receptors to show its health effects. This power of the THC comes from different compositions and features of it. It has the ability to mimic anandamide which is a mood altering substance or an endocannabinoid that occurs naturally in your body. It binds to the CB1 receptors in your brain and others to provide several health benefits.

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