Career Options in law

Career Options in law that offer best salary

Today’s youth are very ambitious to make their career in the field of law. Most law aspirants find their inspiration from their personal or fictional hero. There are many examples in the history starting from Barack Obama to Mahatma Gandhi who has earned law degree and has become successful in their chosen field. Gone are the days when courtrooms used to be the bread and butter of lawyers.

Now, you don’t have to think twice about which career to choose after doing law from best law colleges in India. The legal profession is quite attractive. You must have good communication skills both written and oral. Also, lawyers do have the skill of logical reasoning. Hence, if you are presentable and smart there are many career options waiting for you!

Careers in Law

  1. Litigation- The traditional career in law is to practice law. However, it is quite essential to learn the basics of law from a senior advocate. This career option offer many employment options in both public and private sectors. You can also gain law specialization in constitution, taxation and family.
  2. Corporate counsel- You can get associated with corporate or company as in-house legal counsel after getting your law degree from one of the top law colleges in India for 3 year llb. In house counsel play has an important role in vetting, drafting, and negotiating contracts. He also monitor and ensure compliance of laws. You can join any of the private companies. You can also make your career in public sector in Government agencies, nationalised banks and public sector undertakings.
  3. Law firms- The trend is shifting from solo practice to established law firms that consists of many lawyers working together.
  4. Social work- There are many law graduates that are working in NGOs for social causes. If love socio-legal issues, then you can select this as your career option. You can also get the good opportunity to work with International organizations like United Nations, International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice.
  5. Civil or judicial services- You can also opt for the State Judicial Services Examination that is conducted by the State High Courts. Also, the civil service examination organized by the Union Public service commission is the best career option.
  6. Legal Process Outsourcing- It consists of main legal functions such as compliance work, making drafts, legal research and more to a peripheral counsel. You can become an important part of an organization by selecting this career option.
  7. Judicial clerkship- This is the best career option if you are passionate about transactional work or litigation. You can work as legal assistants.
  8. Media and law- You can opt the career option in legal publishing or law reporting. As a legal publisher, you can work as an editor for electronic and print media. As a law reporter, you get an opportunity to work as a reporter with newspapers and TV channels.

Hence, you can select any of the above-mentioned careers if you have done law.

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