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Arjun Vajpai: The Ryan International School alumnus who went on to scale Mount Everest

When Arjun Vajpai proved his mettle by scaling the mighty Mount Everest back in 2010, he also set a new record – that of becoming the youngest Indian ever to successfully climb the highest mountain peak in the world. The ace mountaineertook the world by storm with his feat, as he equalled the record of Nepalese Sherpa Temba Tsheri, who also climbed the peak when he was sixteen. Arjun had also broken the record of KrushnaaPatilfrom Maharashtra, who became the youngest Indian to reach the highest peak in 2009.

Despite the great fame and success, he has achieved, Arjun Vajpai reminisces of his beginnings with great delight. A Ryan International School, Noida alumnus, Arjun holds the memories of his school very close to his heart. Talking about his schooling at Ryan, Vajpai says, “Most enjoyable memory of my time at Ryan International School is the playground. As an avid athlete, I was the part of football team, volleyball team, and basketball team. I was always there on the ground.”

The young mountaineer adds, “There were days when I wouldn’t even keep my bag in the classroom. I used to be absent from the class, on the ground, practising for one team after the other. I think that is one of the most beautiful memories I have of my schooling days.”

According to Arjun, his school has been the driving force behind him, and he wouldn’t have been the person he is today had it not been for the support he received from school teachers and management. “When I summited Mount Everest, there were very few people who supported this idea. I remember, at that age when I would tell people my dream of climbing the Everest, no one would ever believe me. All those with whom I shared my idea, they used to look at me and laugh at me,” he says.

Vajpai adds, “The only people who supported my idea at that time were Madam Grace Pinto and Dr AF Pinto Sir. Both of them have played a crucial role in my life. Had they not supported me, I would have never gained this confidence in my life. I wouldn’t have been the person I am today. Being a Ryanite means everything tome.”

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