Beautifully Designed Lehengas to Suit Every Budget
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Beautifully Designed Lehengas to Suit Every Budget

Lehengas are the in-thing in the contemporary world, be it for casual, semi-formal, formal, or grand social event! The flowing garments may outline a stunning silhouette, or serve to cover the unsightly parts of a larger body frame. Naturally, you would like to be part of this trend too! Additionally, the perfect designer dress, matched with appropriate accessories and natural-looking makeup, suffices to make you look wonderfully dolled up for any and every occasion!

Yet, there is a snag. What is it? We call it, ‘budget’! You would like to fill up your wardrobe with lehenga choli of every type, but the pricing tends to be either slightly or heavily out of your range. Well, do not worry, for there are lehengas going as low as INR 1,000, and others going up to INR 10,000 too!

Range of INR 1,000 to 2,000

It is a woman’s prerogative to appear her best, whether she is going for a mere shopping trip, attending a birthday party, a wedding, etc! Lehengas in this range should work marvellously well for such occasions.

  • To illustrate, visualise yourself twirling and whirling around in a bright pink, silk lehenga.
  • The Resham embroidery on it matches the exquisite work witnessed on the matching, silk, golden-coloured choli.
  • The absence of sleeves and a U-shaped neckline suffices to make you look quite modern and chic!
  • A contrasting dupatta completes the ensemble. Created from red coloured, net fabric, it displays delicate, lace embellishments.

Dear girl, with your casual wear, carefree smile and careless attitude, are you going to attract attention wherever you go? Of course, you will!

Range of INR 2,500 to 4,000

You are welcome to wear lehengas in this range to big affairs like weddings and mehendi/sangeet ceremonies too! Do not be under the impression that affordable budgets do not yield masterpieces that work everywhere! Why, you might even prompt the audience into believing that you are the actual bride, thanks to your graceful and ultra-feminine, yet traditional looks!


All manner of colourful shades come into play on this occasion, such as bright or subdued yellows, sparkling or crimson reds, brilliant oranges, blushing or deep pinks, light/dark greens, creams and whites, etc. The borders of the lehengas may be slim, medium, or broad in pattern. It helps that innovative designers use zari work, stonework, thread work, Resham embroidery, patchwork, etc, to highlight the beauty of the ensembles even more. The cholis are another matter altogether, with their creative necklines, sleeves and prints. Finally, the accompanying dupattas complement the lehengas and cholis splendidly.

Range of INR 5,000 to 10,000

Has anyone invited you to be a bridesmaid at a wedding? Well, then, you need to purchase a bedazzling outfit, for you will be as much the cynosure of all eyes, as the bride herself! Since red and pink are hot favourites at Indian weddings, you might opt for the same colours yourself. However, be careful to choose something that complements your petite, medium or large frame, for you do not want to attract attention for all the wrong reasons!

Range of INR 5,000 to 10,000

As for jewellery, many lehengas seem to go well with chunky pieces. Be bold, be brazen, be conservative, be contemporary, or be ultra-modern. There is something to suit everyone’s taste, thanks to all manner of innovations in the artificial jewellery world. Opt for footwear that keeps your feet comfy, even while just moving around, or dancing away to glory!

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