Best Android Applications to Write Text in Multiple Languages

Everyone wants to capture and share photos with friends and family over the social networks. Recently people have also started to use photos combined with text to increase their fan following and gain user attention. For this reason a number of texts on photos apps have emerged in the iOS and Android market that makes writing on images an easy experience for the users. The writing app on android are more like photo text editors. Here is a list of some of the popular writing app on iOS and android:

Add Text to Photos
Add Text to Photos is the latest app in the category of photo text editor apps. The app not only features a variety of fonts, but also includes shapes such as hearts, stickers and frames to insert on an image in addition to text. The app helps to write text on photos without adding any company’s logo on it. With all the plus points, this is certainly the best photo text editor app that you will come around. When looking for writing app on android, feel free to try out adding text to photos app.

Quick was one of the very first writing app on android that helped to write text on photos. The app features about 16 free fonts and helps to size an image as well as place a quote across it. There is a logo watermarked on the image that is a downside of this app. However, an in-app purchase is available to remove it. Overall, the text on photos app is easy to use and makes for a simple photo text editor on android.

Photo-Lettering provides an easy option to snap a photo or to upload a saved image with a variable size. Photo-Lettering writing app on android makes writing text on photos a simple experience for the users. There is no company logo watermarked onto the images using this app. You can change the text color and the opacity of the app in a simple manner. However, it only features 4 font styles. But with the features that the app offers, it is a pretty good photo text editor app.

After Photos
After Photos is my personal favorite as it contains no logo and offers a variety of free fonts. Not only is the photo text editor extremely easy to use but it is one of the best writing app on android you can use to write text on photos.

PicLab in addition to writing text on photos gives the option to create a collage of images using its photo text editor. There are a number of fonts available but the writing app on android adds its logo on the image. You can however remove the watermark by paying $1.

Font Candy
Font Candy as the name suggests is a good enough photo text editor app that you can use to write text on photos. The writing app on android provides for an easy adding text on an image experience for the users. It has a variety of fonts to offer to users. Overall it is a solid text on photos app.

Writing text on photos has been made a piece of cake with these photo text editor apps. Using this writing app on android, you can create memes or inspirational images with quotes to share over social media.

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