Best Exercises To Cut Belly Fat

The word belly fat may look a lot ominous if you know what health problems it can cause. The biggest threat is that of cardiac arrest apart from being a victim of cancer. That is the reason that doctors advise their patients to cut down on the obtruding belly at any cost.

There are exercises for belly that will help you burn out the excess fat accumulated on the belly. But more importantly, the patient should have the urge to work on reducing the belly fat.

Best Exercises To Cut Belly Fat


Aerobics has proved to be one of the best ways of reducing the fat. You can do it in a gym under professional guidance. Doing aerobics to the tune of the music would be great.

You can easily start burning the extra fat collected on your stomach. If going to the gym is uncomfortable to you, you can do it at home Pubg pc too. Stretching out before a mirror will let you know if the movements you are doing are correct.

Spot Running

One of the easiest belly fat exercises is spot running – running on the place. It is so simple to do you can even try it out in your bedroom. It will save your time of literally running around and you can devote more time to the actual exercise.

Those with excess fat will feel the shudder in the stomach when spot running. Keep a normal speed of your leg movements as if you were really running. Do not overstretch your limits.


Have you ever seen regular cyclists with a fluffy belly? You never have. The reason is that those who regularly practice cycling burn a lot of fats from their belly.

Cycling is one such exercise that you can do yourself, at your own will and without anyone having to guide you. All you need is a cycle and the urge to pedal it. People with obtruding belly are more likely to not carry out this exercise in particular.


If swimming is what you love and you are ready to devote time, then you are in for some luck. You are more likely to shed off those extra kilos off your belly than others because swimming has always been one of the best belly fat exercises.

Using your hands and feet at the same time gives more workouts compared to other methods of losing chubby belly. It is advised that you do more of freestyle swimming as it stretches your belly more than other styles.


Let us come to a totally different way of losing your plump and round belly. Kapalbhati is an arm of pranayama a part of the ancient Indian yoga. Sit comfortably on the ground and breathe normally. Inhale normally without making the sound of the air coming in.

But when you exhale do it with a jerk and you will feel your belly is being pulled in automatically. Let out smaller jerks for about a minute. Take rest and repeat the process again. Remember this exercise has more to do with your breathing, so do it under guidance.

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