Best Tips Use Facebook Messenger on Your Desktop

Chances are if you’ve detected of Facebook, you’ve detected of traveler. But, if the latter isn’t true, you’ll learn the simplest of the fundamentals for exploitation the appliance during this article. In short, the traveler is that the instant electronic communication extension of Facebook. The app was free in 2011 and has since rivaled the options and practicality of most alternative similar apps. Then want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook support number.

How to established traveler while not Facebook

Setting up a traveler while not Facebook is straightforward. However, the sign-up method should be completed exploitation of the traveler mobile app. the primary step is to transfer the traveler app on your mobile device. To create a Facebook traveler account:

  • Open the traveler app on your mobile device.
  • Click Not on Facebook? at very cheap of the screen.
  • Enter your itinerant range and click on Continue.
  • Enter the code that the traveler sends to the signal you entered.
  • Messenger can arrange to browse your phone contacts

How to Access Facebook traveler from Your Desktop

Once you’ve completed the steps higher than, you’ll be ready to access and use traveler from your desktop while not Facebook. merely move to and check in to use the app on your desktop.


Alternatively, associate degree unofficial choice would be to transfer a third-party app known as a traveler for Desktop. detain mind that this is often not a politician Facebook app, however, it’ll get the task done.


If you’re already exploitation Facebook and simply wish to access traveler from your desktop, the method is similar: move to and log in to exploitation your Facebook login credentials.

How to Use Facebook traveler on Your Desktop

As we have a tendency to noted earlier, the traveler comes with a couple of extremely cool options. Quick Note: For those while not a Facebook account, you’ll be happy to grasp that these options square measure identical because the ones out there to Facebook USAers—so you’re not missing out on something (trust us, we have a tendency to double-checked).

Let’s take a fast explore every one of the options and discuss however you’ll use them on your desktop.

Use traveler for Voice and Video Calls

Yes, you browse that correctly: traveler offers each voice decision and video decision choices.

So, counting on what reasonably mood you’re in, you’ll place a typical audio decision to your family and friends, or instead, select the face-to-face video decision choice. however maybe better of all, these calls are often created to anyone within the world.

From Your Desktop

To use traveler for voice and video calls on your desktop you would like to:

  • Click on the phone icon within the high right corner to position a voice decision
  • Click on the video camera icon within the high right corner to position a video decision

Send Text Messages exploitation traveler

Facebook introduced the choice to send and receive SMS text messages in 2016.

With this selection, you can—as you will have already guessed—send and receive text messages. Much like alternative texting platforms, your texts will embody photos and videos.

From Your Desktop

To take footage and videos exploitation traveler, you would like to:

  • Open the spoken language that you simply wish to feature the video or image
  • Click on the camera icon
  • Click the shutter button to require an image
  • Hold the shutter button to require a video

Search and Send Stickers, GIFs, and Emoticons

If you wish to specific your emotions through image characters and alternative cute media, contemplate yourself in luck. a traveler comes chocked jam-packed with stickers, GIFs, and emojis for concerning any feeling, emotion, or reaction.

From Your Desktop

To search and send stickers, GIFs, and emojis on your desktop, you would like to:

  • Click on the emoticon face (☺) icon directly below the icon field
  • Type one thing (e.g., food) into the Search icons field to filter stickers, GIFs, and emojis

From Your Desktop

To send cash via traveler on your desktop you would like to:

  • Click on the Send cash button, at which era you’ll choose your recipient, input the quantity you would like to send, associate degreed add an optional memorandum to accompany the payment.

Start a gaggle Chat in traveler

If that’s the case, you’ll wish to require advantage of Messenger’s cluster chat choice.

From Your Desktop

To start a gaggle chat in traveler, you would like to:

  • Click the pencil-on-paper icon
  • Selector kind the name of every person you would like to feature to the cluster chat
  • Proceed by typewriting your message
  • When finished, click Send

Log Out of traveler

All goodies should return to associate degree finish, right?

Well, during this case, once you’re able to log out of Facebook traveler for the day, you’ll do this quickly and simply.  

From Your Desktop

To close of traveler on your desktop, you would like to:

  • Click on the settings icon within the higher left corner and click on close
  •  alternative awful options
  • A few additional awful options of Facebook traveler that merit our attention include:
  • Requesting associate degree Uber or Lyft ride (using your existing account)
  • Sharing your location with others
  • Sharing your custom scan code with others for immediate adding

Recording voice messages

Messenger additionally allows you to recognize once your messages square measure seen by the recipient and permits you to play games within the app—eliminating the necessity to go to another web site. You’d be troubled to search out a far better multi-feature electronic communication app than a traveler if we have a tendency to could say thus ourselves.


And what’re the simplest thanks to adding traveler to your daily combine while not it disrupting your productivity? With Shift, of course! After reading this blog if you want to need some information or related topic to discuss now then Facebook customer service.


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