Blood Plasma Bank in Ambala Soon

The district administration has set up a call centre to classify plasma donors and also plan database in response to the increasing number of Covid cases.

The centre has been organised at Digital Library, Ambala city, with the help of teachers from ITI and Polytechnic Women, Ambala City. From Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon, more than 400 calls were made, with 30 people consenting. These individuals will be tested to determine whether they are medically eligible to donate plasma or not.

“A centre has been formed on the directions of the Deputy Commissioner, and recovered Covid patients are being called and asked about their consent to donate plasma,” said Dr Sukhpreet Singh, In Ambala, there is a proposal to open a plasma bank.”

Sachin Gupta SDM ( Ambala city) said“While making the calls to the Individual, the teachers are Supposed to inspire people and telling them how plasma is vital in saving the lives of critically ill patients. The main aim is to make 400 class everyday so that the district can provide a final repository of recovered patients ready to donate plasma in three weeks.”

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