Bollywood Heartthrob Aamir Khan Has Superbly Appreciated Kannada Film ‘Thithi’

The Kannada movies released so far, the best being ‘Thithi’, which has received lots of appreciation not only from the audience in theaters but also from the film critics. Even director Raam Reddy’s ‘Thithi’ has fetched him the national award for this brilliant movie. As the popularity of this Kannada movie keeps on increasing even the Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has praised a lot about this film and in his Twitter account on Monday he has written that this movie is one of the most amazing movie he had ever seen after a quite long time and asked everybody to watch this superb film.

Bollywood star Aamir Khan hasn’t hesitated to praise about any film if he really likes it. So last night it has been seen that Aamir Khan is tweeting about this Kannada movie. Though this movie has released earlier in Karnataka but after winning national award this film is again ready to release in the nationwide on this Friday June 13, 2016. Aamir Khan was invited on the special screening of the film organized by the popular filmmaker Raam Reddy and the story and casting have totally made Aamir Khan spell bounded. Overwhelming with happiness, on Monday night only he took social media platform to announce that though this movie is in Kannada language, but has English subtitles and everybody must watch this wonderful movie which is going to hit cinemas on this Friday. He also exclaimed that it been difficult to slot the film into different genre but it’s actually very funny.

This Kannada film ‘Thithi’ is basically a comedy story full of drama and however, based on three members of same family but of different generations like son, grandson and great grandson and how they react on the death of their 101-year-old family head named as Century Gowda. The drama of this comedy film revolves around the small village in Karnataka called Mandya and finally ends up with the climax on the funeral ceremony of oldest patriarch of the clan after his death on the 11th day.

‘Thithi’ after being produced by Pratap Reddy and Sunmin Park got selected in more than 12 esteemed national as well as international film festival including Mumbai Film Festival, Palm Springs and the San Francisco International Film Festival and has bagged more than 13 awards for the director of the film Raam Reddy. As we all know this film began its’ expedition from the eminent Work-in-Progress (WIP) Lab of the NFDC Film Bazaar and in 2014 this film is accredited as the Best WIP Fiction Feature.

After watching this Kannada film ‘Thithi’, Pk actor’s wife Kiran Rao has hosted a distinctive screening for the Bollywood celebrities. According to report, 51-year-old actor Aamir Khan is totally mesmerized by the collaborative work of the stars like Pooja S.M., Abhisekh H.N., Singri Gowda and others and as per this Bollywood actor’s review this is one the most fantastic film for which he has applauded a lot and has requested everybody to enjoy this movie on June 3 in cinemas.

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