Really Marriages Are Made In Heaven?

Are you in love? And also want to get him or her beside you forever? Then marriage is something that brings both of you closer for the rest of your life. Marriage is nothing but a procedure through which two loving hearts make their relationship permanent, public, official and eternal as well. It is the sacred joining of two souls in a bond that lasts till the dooms day. That is why it is said that marriages are made in heaven. But in recent time, people often wonder that is it true? Does marriage unite two people? Does it last till the last breathe?

Marriages are made in earth:

Well, in recent time, everyone is so much busy in their life. Everyone is very much focused towards his or her goal. And achieving that goal has become very tough. So, people hardly have enough time to nurture any relationship especially the relationship between husband and wife. Needless to say, nowadays, people get married to get an identity in the society. Absence of love, respect, affection and care is clearly reflected in their relation. Their relation is simply based on mutual understanding. After a hectic day, they do not have that much energy to talk with each other. Or in the weekends, they have parties to attend which become more important than each other. In essence, they simply do not wish to spend quality time together. Sometimes their ego clashes between them and stop them to grow this pious relationship which leads them to never ending conflict. And after a certain period, they realize their marriage has not worked properly so it is better to live a happy life alone. So if marriages are made in heaven then it never ends with bitterness. Rather it becomes eternal. Overall, the concept that marriages are made in heaven thus carries no meaning here.

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Marriages are blessings of God:

On the other side, there are people who believe that marriage is the ultimate blessings of the Almighty. It does not mean that those people are old aged or they are not carrier oriented. Rather they are very much modern with their thinking. But they know how to nourish a relationship with love, care and respect after marriage. They value the blessings of God that they receive in form of their spouse. They believe it is God who unites them together with a sacred and pious relationship long before their marriage. For them marriage is not something that brings social identity rather it is something that helps them to maximize the feeling of love that resides in them. They also share mutual understanding but the infinite love prevents their ego to make any mistake that cause harm to their bonding. After a tough schedule, they literally steal some moments for each other, as they believe it is nothing but a blessing.

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