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Brickell technological innovation Samsung Galaxy S9 digital

Samsung Galaxy S9 must ultimately direct to the fact that an individual electronic digital camera (if you have it, of training course, even now have) will obtain dust at property. With regard to the relatively small amount of megapixels compared to the preceding Galaxy S9 and competition of the new flagship, then, as we know, the circumstance is not in megapixels. At the moment, the resolution good quality of the camera photographs received almost independent.

Return MicroSD assist Galaxy S9

A pleasurable shock was the return of the support slot for MicroSD memory playing cards Samsung Galaxy S9. Previous year, a lot of companies of sensible phones started to abandon the possibility of increasing the memory its flagship smartphone, and the palm of the “endeavor” to preserve it company Samsung.

What was the cause for this – it is not obvious? Regardless of whether companies in an energy to generate “the thinnest smartphone” have been blindly copy Apple’s strategy, which the company employs since the time of the very initial Apple iPhone, whether or not the scenario in the introduction of a new quickly memory UFS two., which, as said by the representatives of Samsung, and other businesses that are not suitable with sluggish cards MicroSD.

Nevertheless, this “trick” has induced common dissatisfaction amid consumers, which, in reality, deprived of decision, and forced to acquire costlier model if you just want a greater quantity of memory. For that reason, the Samsung Galaxy S9 slot for MicroSD returns.

MicroSD slot in the Samsung Galaxy S9: he returns

In addition, more than the past year, new and really rapidly microSD memory cards of up to 512 Gb (and in the foreseeable future promises an incredible benefit to 2 Tb !!!). Thus, the “excuse” about incompatible kinds of memory simply because of the velocity now just is not pertinent. And set up in your Samsung Galaxy S9 512 Gb card you will be ready glances down and Apple iPhone end users unsatisfied, deprived of a priori the chance of expanding memory, and customers of other smartphones that are not appropriate with microSD.

As for rivals from the camp of producers of cell units based on the Android OS, the vast majority of them, throwing in the previous year assistance memory cards of its flagship smartphone, is in no hurry to return this attribute. So the Galaxy S9 has another trump card.

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