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Budding Star is driven by a team of dedicated professional individuals, coming from diversified background. The Team at Budding Star is dedicated to provide the best information to the parents to bring up their child creatively and innovatively. Budding Star is India’s fastest growing parent community has a young and dynamic team, with expertise in Technology, Doctors, Relationship and Management Marketing. We believe in creating a “WOW” for our customers through the best of services.

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Budding Star today is a friend for all who aspire to, prepare their children grow as Creative individuals. If you want your child to grow and shine creatively, budding star provides an excellent forum to do so.

Our authors who are really experienced in their fields write their experiences in the form of blogs. There are many categories of Blogs on Budding Star which is written by our proficient authors. Categories of Blogs include Kids Education with Sub Categories like KinderGarten, School, Kids Lifestyle with sub categories like everyday  Living, Home-made Recipes’, Nutrition , Parenting and Kids HealthCare with sub categories like Child Care , Health & Fitness and Mother Care.

Also, there is a Kids Discussion Section where a person can start a discussion by entering into the Forum (Kids Discussion). There are various Sub categories via Housewives, Guest Blogging, Kids Contest & Birth Clubs. Parents can interact with each other and can get suggestions from other parents who are experienced and older.


We run contests on Creative themes engaging the young stars and making them learn more about our culture in a modern and creative way. Contests range from creatively clicking pictures on various occasions like Holi, Diwali, and Independence Days etc. And creatively expressing oneself through paintings, craft or any other medium like dance, songs etc. Making learning a Fun for the child!

We cater to parents who want the best summer / winter camps, activities (like painting, dance, singing, etc.) by providing valuable information on teachers/ organizations engaging in such activities. If you are a parent looking for Best camps, coaching classes for your young enthusiastic child, our section Kids Sophie is your stop shop!

Naming the new born, searching for names you can browse through our section on NaamKaran!

So one stop shop catering to all your needs and most importantly in Creative and Fun Way!

Knowledge shared is Knowledge Learnt!


I am Rajesh Kumar, an Indian blogger.

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